Pink + Chemical Peel

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Discolorations Due to Chemical Peel? (photo)

My face was burnt by chemical peel ten years ago. The scar is now red/pink and the pores are big. What are the possible treatments I can have for my... READ MORE

Will my skin ever return to it's normal color? Is this normal or should I look for a new doctor to get my chemical peels done?

Hi I had a AFA 40 % chemical peel done and it caused flaking that fell of in the shower revealing extremely pink skin that has lasted 2 weeks now but... READ MORE

Why does my skin feels so sticky and tight after a pink peel?

My sweat was trapped in my skin because of this i manually peeled my skin,didnt hurt but im afraid of what might turn out. I noticed that some part of... READ MORE

Day 5 after Blue Peel - took a shower and allowed water to hit my face. Large pieces of skin came loose.

The skin under the loose skin is intact for the most part but there are pink blotchy areas on new skin. I have been coating areas with hydrocortisone... READ MORE

What should I do? Please help! (Photo)

I went for treatment of acne and scars. A microdermabrasion and a mild lactic acid was done. I frosted immediately once the peel was placed ( within... READ MORE

Just got a chemical peel and it's pink/raw in some areas while other areas are browning. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

So I just got a chemical peel and I'm getting worried that some areas are not healing. This question may be premature (A little over 72 Hours from... READ MORE

My skin is pink since dead skin was removed after 20 % acid peel. When will it turn to normal color?

My dr did a 20 % acid peel on face to remove age spots and melesma. it was initial brown and then peeled off withina week. now the area is quite red .... READ MORE

Which chemical peel should I use ?

There's so many chemical peels out there it kinda makes it hard to choose one. I have had a chemical peel done on me before. All it did was make my... READ MORE

Will my pink areas fade? (photos)

I received a chemical peel 4 days ago and my skin turned brown then started to peel . But as some areas are peeling they are red/ pink under . They... READ MORE

My skin very pink and sensitive after a medium chemical peel on hands?

How long does it take for the skin on my hands (after a medium peel) to return to my normal skin color? The new skin is VERY pink and super sensitive... READ MORE

I Had a Deep Chemical Peel on my Eyes in May?

It is now September and my eyes are still very pink. I look like a raccoon. What can be done to help my pigmintation? READ MORE

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