Hydroquinone + Chemical Peel

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How to Tell Between Dermal or Epidermal Hyperpigmentation?

How do I know if I have dermal or epidermal hyperpigmentation. I think I have a dermal hyperpigmentation because I have been using a regiment of... READ MORE

Treatment Period of Hydroquinone for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I'm Asian with dark brown skin. How long do I need to use 4% Hydroquinone for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for acne? Also, if I get a salicylic... READ MORE

Facial Burn with HQ+ Peel?

I recently had a HQ+ peel at home. I used a pore cleaner before applying the HQ+ peel. Left it on 4 mins. After washing, I saw severe burns in my... READ MORE

Hydroquinone makes skin itchy and red. Does this mean I can't do a melanage peel?

I have melasma and got the melanage peel done a few years ago. I loved the results and would like to do it again. However, I've noticed that when i... READ MORE

Is Blue Light Therapy Better Than Chemical Peel for Acne Scar? (photo)

Mixed male with brown skin. I have two acne blemishes. I have done two glycolic peels at 70% at 4.5 minutes. I wont go any longer than that. Im... READ MORE

Side effects of hydroquinone 2% in combination with tretinoin 0.025% and mometasone furoate 0.1%?

Sir..i used hydroquinone2% in the combination of tretinoin0.025%,mometasone furoate0.1% more then 18 months..till i haven't any side effects..if i... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin?

Can chemical peels cause melasma on color skin? I know peels cause hyperpigmentation which has happened to me. However every time I try to lighten... READ MORE

I got hyperpigmentation after chemical peeling? (Photos)

I got hyper pigmentation after chemical peeling .. it wasnt too much brown patches but it really get me annoyed.. My dermatologist gave me a formula... READ MORE

Melanage peel without post treatment products?

I had a very cheap melanage peel but I guess the trade off is that I was not given the post treatment products. Can someone help me out and tell me... READ MORE

Can i use hydroquinone after a lactic acid peel for better results or i need to wait a week or more time?

I do a lactic acid peel once a week and i dont see much results and i want to apply hydroquinone for better results but i dont know if is good, thanks... READ MORE

Any suggestions to lighten my skin by 3 shades?

Doctor i hav been on chemical peel (lactic 40% + kojic 10%) so far hav got 7 peels done...my skin got a bit brightened but didnt lighten...plz suggest... READ MORE

My skin type is 3 and I have pih from a bad breakout that I had 2 months before and also I have scars on my face. What can I do?

I went to my dermatologist and I've already had 7 salycilic acid peels but they didn't help me with pih.I have red marks on my cheeks,scars also but... READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone fade cream after I applied 30% glycolic acid chemical peel?

Will this burn my skin at all after I used the chemical peel? I don't want to burn my skin and get rid of the black mark for ever READ MORE

What would be a good recommended treatment for my hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

I have had this dark spot beneath my chin since a little bit over a year ago and have gone to a dermatologist once since then. It has become much... READ MORE

Can Hydroquinone or Chemical Peel worsen Hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

After my Biopsy I was diagnosed with PIH. I started a 6 weeks treatment with HQ 4% twice a day, Retin-A once a day, a light AHA twice a day + 50 SPF... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel is right for me? I'm allergic to hydroquinone.

I'm 41 and have the butterfly melasma mask. My heritage is half mexican and half italian. I got a melanage peel years ago and loved the results but... READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone 3% right after a Chemical peel?

I had a Jessner plus TCA 30% chemical peel done on my back. I see most after peel care guides say to wait until skin has peeled to continue using... READ MORE

I Have Gone Thru 2 Chemical Peels Wch Has Increased the Pimples and Those Pimples Have Left Behind Huge Scars?

I am getting married in two months so i am plannin 2 use Skinlite cream which contains Hydroquinone. is it safe to use to get rid of the scars coz i... READ MORE

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