Is Blue Light Therapy Better Than Chemical Peel for Acne Scar? (photo)

Mixed male with brown skin. I have two acne blemishes. I have done two glycolic peels at 70% at 4.5 minutes. I wont go any longer than that. Im wondering if it would be more effective should do blue light therapy in conjunction with the peels. My derm has also suggested applying hydroquinone at home in between peels, but I am not comfortable with hydroquinone.. should i add blue light therapy, or stick with the peels?

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Blue light therapy is not for acne scars

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Your dermatologist is giving you good advice.  Blue light will not help your scars.  Avoid sun exposure and consider light glycolic acid peels and hydroquinone or Retin A for fading.

Toronto Dermatologist

Stick with the peels and add hydroquinone

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I do not recommend blue light therapy for acne scars.  I don't think it does anything.  The standard therapy for your skin type is a series of light glycolic peels and home hydroquinone topical therapy.  It takes time, but you should see improvement over a 6 month period.

Jay Zimmerman, MD
Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon

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