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What is the Best Chemical Peel for Crepy Hands and Arms?

My hands and arms are in need of help. They are crepy and wrinkly and have alot of brown spots. Is a chemcial peel safe and which one? READ MORE

Will a chemical peel remove my farmer's tan and return my skin back to its original color?

I have a really bad farmers tan on my arms and face which makes me look really dark. I have natural almond skin and I want my arms and face to return... READ MORE

Darker Pigmentation After Chemical Peel Treatment? (photo)

I am a 25yr old African American woman who has suffered with hyperpigmentation on my arms since i was a child, I recently did a 35 TCA Peel on just... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Be Performed on Backs and Arms of African Americans?

I am an african american femail who has hyperpigmentation for more than 10 years. No medication has worked and I would like to know if chemical peels... READ MORE

Do deep chemical peels work best for crepey skin on arms?

I have crepey skin on my arms, so I am wondering if undergoing deep chemical peels will help rejuvenate the skin as well as bring back my skin's... READ MORE

How can I recover from this chemical peel burn on feet and hands? (Photo)

Hi, I've used some products that were very strong containing both glycolic and lactic acid to get rid of unevenness and bad discolorations on my feet,... READ MORE

Will a Chemical Peel Fade the Chemical Burn I Have on the Back of my Arm?

I got surgery and they didnt know i was allergic to iodine so i now how a chemical burn on the back of my arm. surgery was 4 years ago. the scar is... READ MORE

Which chemical peel skin treatment is most effective for treating Ichthyosis vulgaris?

I have a chronic condition of Ichthyosis vulgaris all over my arms, hands & legs (Dry, wrinkled scaly skin). I have tried every OTC product as... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel for sun damage on body? (Photo)

I have blotchy sun spotted skin on body I would like to get rid of.. On my shoulders,chest,hands and arms.. Is a chemical peel my only option? Any... READ MORE

Would you recommend Body peeling or IPL? (photos)

I was wondering if there was a safe, yet effective PO for the body? I have Sun damage on my legs, with large pores and some PIH on my arms. I'm not... READ MORE

Will a Chemical / Body Peel help even out my arms and shins? (25yo woman) (photos)

I have struggled with Keratosis Pilaris throughout puberty on up and within recent years discovered that mine is triggered by both gluten and... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark spots from my legs surgically? Chemical peel? Laser?

I am a black jamaican and i have been living with dark spots on my legs,arms and thighs resulting from mosquito bits from when i was a baby, am now 20... READ MORE

If the brown spots I have on my arms are removed by laser or a chemical peel, will they return with sun exposure?

What if my arms are not exposed to sun, but I use a self tanner, will the brown spots come out with self tanner? Thanks! READ MORE

What chemical peel is best for me?

I am looking to get rid of freckles on my arms, face, and legs. The freckles are relatively light brown and mostly on my arms and thighs, not overly... READ MORE

What, if any, type of peel could be used on my arms to lighten, if not remove, scarring from itching/picking? (photos)

What, if any, type of peel could be used on my arms to lighten, if not remove, scarring from itching and picking blemishes. I am more or less fair... READ MORE

What percentage of Lactic Acid Peel would you suggest for arms?

Hi tried a 25% lactic acid peel on the front of my hand first stung a little but nothing the next day left on for 8 minutes do you suggest a 50%... READ MORE

Post inflammation hyperpigmentation patches from eczema, on dark skin treatment?

Hello, I am a dark skin black women with eczema. Over the years I have managed to control my break outs of eczema. However I still for a fews years... READ MORE

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