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My Question is About Dar Circles Under Eyes?

Im 19 years old male and i have dark circles under eyes which is very bad looking , i really need to treat it,i made the carboxytherapy 5 times, every... READ MORE

Under Eye Swelling After CarboxyTherapy. Any suggestions?

I had only 2 sessions under my eyes and its swelled.....please tell me what should i do. I searched and found some same question as mine but thoes... READ MORE

Will the skin return to its previous condition? Could the collagen and elastic fibers be destroyed and it requires treatment?

I'm 32. Two weeks ago I had carboxytherapy and after injection to the frown lines gas traveled to the left eye causing sudden severe swelling of the... READ MORE

Malar bags/Pre festoons on a 20 year old?

I have recently had an unpleasant experience with carboxytherapy for the eyes, which I just found out that it is a treatment that's not approved by... READ MORE

Is there any risk of eye hollow after carboxytherpy for dark circles ?

I have dark circles and eye hollow too so I afraid of hollows become deep after therapy! cos. Co2 work on fat metabolism READ MORE

Is it OK to try other tear trough treatment while still having hyaluronic acid?

I had a bad experience, and the doctor discouraged me from getting hyaluronidase as it may break down and damage my own natural hyaluronic... READ MORE

Under Eye Swelling After Carboxy Therapy

I had my first carboxy session today, under my right eye its slightly swollen and red. is this normal or would it fade? please note that only that... READ MORE

Does Carboxytherapy Work for Under Eye Circles?

Does Carboxytherapy work for under eye circles? I had one treatment! READ MORE

Swelling Under Eyes After Carboxy Therapy

How we can treat the swelling under eyes after carboxy therapy if persist more than 24 hours? READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling after carboxy therapy? (Photo)

Hi i had a carboxy therapy session yesterday. it has been 30 hours but i still have a lot of swelling under my eyes. i am really worried. does it mean... READ MORE

I've Been Getting Carboxytherapy (In Combination with Endermologie), Now I'd Like to Try Velashape?

I'm pleased with the results thus far, lost a few inches and figure is definitely more streamlined, but the cellulite is still there on my thighs... READ MORE

Blemishes after carboxytherapy. What's wrong? (Photo)

I had carboxytherapy about 2 months ago in order to improve my strechmarks. Procedure was done using stapler-like machine instead of just needle. It... READ MORE

How long will swelling remain around eyes after carboxy therapy for eye circles? (photos)

I had this treatment yesterday by a experienced dermatologist and today I got swelling around lower eyelids READ MORE

I got carboxytherapy in my stomach area and upper thighs in mexico and pregnant.

Im 22 and got the carboxytherapy in mexico not knowing i was pregnant will this be harmful to the baby will it come out deform or with defects? READ MORE

Carboxy injections for fat breakdown combined with exellis. What are the side effects? is it safe?

I had one treatment of carboxy injections administered to my abdomen after having exelis done, for fat breakdown. Now I have firm lumps under the... READ MORE

Can Carboxytherapy make dark circles worse?

I've had one carboxytherapy treatment. There was minimal swelling, though I didn't feel the 'warm rush' of blood that the doctor said may happen... READ MORE

Swelling after carboxy? They said the swelling will disappear few minutes after the treatment but its been 12 hours now. (photo)

Hi. Its my first time for a carboxy therapy.  I am scared it will worsen. Any advice pls. READ MORE

Carboxytherapy! Can it give me more pigmentation? What can I do? (Photo)

I have had carboxytherapy several times to treat my pigmentation under my eyes but it seems that this situation is getting worse and worse , can... READ MORE

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