Calf Implant Videos

What Are Bicep, Tricep, Pectoral, and Calf Implants?

Dr. Ryan Stanton discusses male implants for the arms, legs, and chest. VIEW NOW

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Calf Implants: Learn How They Can Benefit Both Men and Women

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses calf augmentation with silicone calf implants in women who are desire sexier curves on their legs. VIEW NOW

See an Embrace Scar Therapy Application and Results

Dr. Edward Miranda demonstrates application of Embrace scar therapy to a C-section scar. The dressing relieves pressure and tension surrounding an incision which allows scars to heal thinner & flatter than it would otherwise. VIEW NOW

Men Get BBLs Too! Learn About the Growing Trend

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta discusses the growing trend of men's plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

What to Wear After Surgery — Here's What the Doctor Suggests

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains what women and men should wear after surgery to optimize their results. VIEW NOW


What Should I Eat After Surgery?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains which foods are best after plastic surgery. VIEW NOW


Is There an Age Limit For Plastic Surgery? Hear This Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains the recommended age limits for plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Calf Implants: Hear Why This Doctor's Patients Got the Surgery

Dr. Douglas Hendricks shares the reasons why several of his patients have undergone plastic surgery on their calves. VIEW NOW


Surprising Fact: Men and Women Are Equally Getting THIS Type of Implant

Dr. Marc DuPere explains how popular calf implants have become for both men and women, as well as how he determines the size and shape to use on each individual. VIEW NOW


Calf Implants: Shapes, Sizes, and Projections

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses different types of calf implants and what to consider when faces with so many options. VIEW NOW

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Liposuction of Calves and Ankles

Dr. Ahmet Karaca demonstrates a liposuction procedure on the calves and ankles. VIEW NOW

Recovery Regimen After Calf Implants

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan reviews the exercises she recommends to her patients after having calf implants and why these exercises are so important. VIEW NOW