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Leaking Butt Implants 2 Months Post-op

I had butt implants done 4/21/11 then a wk later the wound opened.on 5/12/11 my DR.placed in retention stitches.on 5/24/11 he removed's... READ MORE

Had my Butt Implant Removed and Having Complications?

I originally Butt Implants on June of 2011, right away I started having complication, my body built so much seroma that my cut opened. My doctor told... READ MORE

Why is my incision leaking and open still after butt implants? (Photo)

So I just went to the e.r. because my incision is still draining 1 1/2 months post op for intramuscular implants. My wound has been open the whole... READ MORE

Leakage from Butt implant incision. 12 days post op. How do I clean the wound at this point? (photos)

Hi. I felt very fine. I could notice improvement on daily basis. But today I found out leakage of blood and some fluid from incision site. I tried to... READ MORE

Wound is closed; it's been 3 weeks since surgery. Then bam at the top of my incision pinkish clear leakage? (Photo)

What does this mean. The incision is healed no splitting. But leaking crazy but less everyday. I don't understand it was dry I washed myself with... READ MORE

Is there a higher risk of infection due to fat leaking into implant pocket during surgery?

Hello doctors, first off thank you for answering all of our questions. I had butt augumentation with implants (300cc) within the muscle. Also i had... READ MORE

Why is my drain leaking heavily 3 weeks post buttock implants? (Photo)

3w post op butt implants.Left drain leaking bad 40-45 ml of Clear yellowish substance with dark red clots. Nurse said if hole will be closed all... READ MORE

A week after butt implants my left drain came undone?

A week after butt implants my left drain came undone and is somewhat leaking 20-10 cc Doctor isn't back till Wednesday what do I do? Incision is... READ MORE

My incisions opened while sitting on my flight back home, should I go to the ER? (Photos)

My incision opened on one side & won't stop leaking my doctor ask me to send pic but never got back to me I'm so afarid like it's been leaking... READ MORE

Wound opened after fluid leaked out (Photo)

Hi Doctors, I had 360cc butt implants put in 3 weeks ago and fluid caused my wound to open on the second week, since then fluid has been draining less... READ MORE

I had Lipo and butt implants 2 weeks ago. I am having leakage, Seroma? Help...

I still don't feel my butt. I can't sit on it. I feel uncomfortable, frustrated and very anxious. I lay on my stomach all day and all night my back is... READ MORE

Intramuscular butt implant. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am on antibiotics and a white ointment . I keep leaking clear liquid. Is this bad ?? will it heal ??? Will removing implants help this ? I just feel... READ MORE

I am getting buttock implants, the Dr told me he will use "elastomer" implants that wont leak. Are those safe?

I am getting buttock implants and the surgeon told me he uses "elastomer" implants that wont leak. Are those implants safe and/or recommended for my... READ MORE

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