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Worried by Sutures Coming Out, Lump, Indent After Brow Lift

Is it normal for a suture and post to come out 18 days post op? Lump above left eyebrow? Is it normal to have a large indent on the top of my head? Is... READ MORE

Why is there an indentation between my eyes after endobrow lift? Will it go away? (Photo)

Had endobrow lift 3 weeks ago and there is an indentation above my left eyebrow slightly off center. Dr said this was due to cutting the nerves in... READ MORE

What is this weird ugly Indention over brow & why is there no raise after brow lift to help sagging upper eyelid skin? (Photo)

What do I have dent over brow for & why after 5 separate incisions & $5900 later are my brows not symmetrical or at least raised? (And lids are just... READ MORE

Forehead Indentation after wearing hat 4 weeks post brow lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 4 wks post lower FL, upper bleph, and endo brow lift. Yesterday, I was working outside for several hours wearing a big SPF 50 hat. It was hot.... READ MORE

Dent Appeared on Brow Line 8 Months After Forehead Lift., Is This Normal?

I had a forehead lift cutting under the eyebrow. It was nice until 1 week ago, but the dent suddenly start appearing right above eyebrow. I have two... READ MORE

4 months post op endotine brow lift, now have a slight vertical line indentation top of mid forehead. Any suggestions?

Had an Endotine brow lift four months ago. Now have a slight verticle line indentation top of mid forehead. One doctor suggested fractional laser to... READ MORE

Treatment of Forehead Scar and Asymmetrical Brow?

I have indented scarring on the right side of my forehead which restricts the movement of the brow on the right side. This gives my forehead and... READ MORE

What can be done to fix the indented stretched scars and bald spots from browlift? (Photos)

Hi, I had browlift with internal sutures 7 months ago. I have two scars, bald patches which are indented in my scalp. They dip inward and are really... READ MORE

6 Weeks post endoscopy eye brow lift & 6 days post thread release- indentations and lot of pain. Is this to be expected? (photo)

I had a brow lift a month and a half ago and five weeks after the surgery, the doctor had to manually release the threading and stated that the... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow lift 3 years ago. It left me with indentation across the scars

I would like the eye brow to be filled in i have a photo but not able to find it at the moment i think the procedure should of been done from the... READ MORE

I had an eyebrow lift 3 years ago. It has left me with deep indentations on both brows

Would like to know if fillers would fill out the indentations please will try and get my daughter to put some photos on to show you also do you think... READ MORE

Can a brow lift pull my brows very slightly up and smooth out the indents in my skin? (photos)

I am only 23 and I have lines at rest between my brows and a line going up my entire forehead. I have tried Botox and filler and nothing works. In... READ MORE

Would a brow lift be best or Botox? Would Botox it get rid on those indent/wrinkles above my brows AND lift them? (photo)

I've been tanning since I was 16. I'm now 26. Im naturally really fair. Now I find my skin really shows signs of premature aging. I've noticed my... READ MORE

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