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Mini-brow Lift Vs. Full Face Lift?

I am interested in a mini-brow lift, but I'm also wondering if a full face lift makes more sense. I have a high forehead and, and I don't want to make... READ MORE

Brow Lift or Botox for One-sided Brow Droop at 26?

I am 26 and one of my eyelid sits lower and has less arch than the other. This causes my eyelid on that side to droop also. I have gotten used to... READ MORE

Best Brow Lift Procedure for Young Male with Receding Hairline?

I'm in my early 30s and of some Mediterranean descent. My eyebows seem to sit rather low on my brow and also slope towards the center of my browline... READ MORE

Brow Lift /or Temple Lift - What is the Best for Me?

Hello im 27 years old,and I had uper eyelid surgery 6 mouths ago.Im very happy but i think i still have some sad eyes..So some doctors say... 1-... READ MORE

Brow Lift for Forehead Increase

I have a very low hairline (forehead). my forehead is about 2 inches in length. I really would like to increase the size of my forehead just a little.... READ MORE

Reverse Browlift

Hello I'm 32 years old and have ten years ago endoscopic Forehead lift and ptosis surgery of the eyelids. My eyes looks very prominent and lover... READ MORE

Low-set Eyebrows on 30 Year Old

I'm a young woman (30) who has very low set eyebrows, which are also very straight. What options do I have? I've looked at brow lift photos on the... READ MORE

Options After Bad Browlift & Facelift?

Im a 30yr old model(female-caucasian/hispanic). 6wks ago had facelift (modified volume adjusting) & lateral brow lift. My cheek elasticity was lax... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Help Downward Pointing Eyes? (photo)

My eyes are naturally a bit droopy, I'm 25 so its not excess skin or wrinkles. People often tell me I look tired or sad. I can't wear eyeliner because... READ MORE

Browlift or Blepharoplasty for Droopy Asian Eyes?

I'm a 33 yr old Chinese woman and born with droopy eyes. I've always looked fatigued due to the skin on my eyes and I'm considering to have my eyes... READ MORE

Considering Lateral Eyebrow Surgery

I am 34 years old and look about 23 so no wrinkling at all. My problem is I have hereditary low eyebrows with the right brow being much lower... READ MORE

Forehead Lines. Options to Keep The Muscle Less Active Permanently?

I am a 31 year male and have three small lines on the left side of my forehead. Through research I have read that during a brow lift the frontalis... READ MORE

Is a Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery Right for Me? (photo)

I have a really low brow and saggy eyelids (thanks heredity!). Several members of my family have already gotten eyelid surgery to deal with the... READ MORE

Is a Browlift More Appropriate Than a Blepharoplasty for me?

I am a 28 year old black male and I have notice a significant increase in swelling above my eye lids with one a little more than the other. If I sleep... READ MORE

Not Too Early for Brow Lift? Will It Make Forehead Wider?

I am a 33-years old Caucasian. I saw a plastic surgeon for my eye bags. He says the top lid blepharoplasty is not going to have as much effect as the... READ MORE

Can I Have a Surgical Brow Lift After Botox Lift Didn't Work?

Im 25 yr female who had botox for eyebrow lift but i dont really like the result ! now i want to have a eyebrow lift surgery ! and i dont want to wait... READ MORE

Brow Lift for Mid-twenties Asian Female? (photo)

I want double eyelid surgery too. I used to use eyelid tape and it stretched my eyelid skin. I have low brows, a line btwn my eyes on my nasal bridge... READ MORE

Im 32 is That Too Young to Consider Brow Lift?

But only the tale of the brows is bit loo I just,want to know for 32 years old woman what is the best . choice READ MORE

Permanent solution to uneven eyebrows? Does this surgery require general anesthetic?

Hi, I'm 30 and have one eyebrow that is higher than the other and highly noticeable at least by me in pictures. I have been getting Botox and wish for... READ MORE

Is temple lift right for me? (photos)

I am 32 years old. I started noticing that the skin on my face is not as elastic as it used to be-the jawline and the eyes are not as defined. Also, I... READ MORE

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