Silicone Scar Strips + Breast Reduction

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Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars Post Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am 5 months post operative and a month or two ago experienced widening of the incisions, I am wondering if they look to be hypertrophic or keloid. I... READ MORE

Gel Silicone Sheets & Breast Reduction?

Should you use vertical/anchor incision scar treatment gel silicone sheets after the sutures have been taken out as preventive treatment for scars... READ MORE

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar treatment for scar (silicone gel) after Breast reduction?

A friend of mine used that and she is swearing by it but she is in CAnada so I was wondering which Dermatix is good for scaring after. ther eis the... READ MORE

Can silicone sheets be applied over scabs?

I am 1 month post-op, breast reduction w/lift. My scars are healed except for the lollipop/anchor junction. Can silicone sheets be applied or is it to... READ MORE

Breast Reduction- Pouch/ Fold underneath- surgical error or will it disappear?

Just had breast reduction a month ago. I dont like the pouch or extra fold underneath my right breast. Will this disappear and should I be worried. It... READ MORE

I Have Seen Some Women Talk About Silicone Strips After a Breast Reduction. Do These Really Work?

I asked my ps about them and he said they can be expensive and usually you can't tell if they're helping or not. READ MORE

First I was using the strips then I switched over to using scar away silicon pads. Any suggestions?

Hi, I have a couple of questions… It's been six months since my breast reduction (May 21st) and I feel my scars are not healing in anyway. First I w... READ MORE

How soon after a breast reduction can I apply scar treatment to my scars? (photo)

How soon can I apply silicone scar treatment to my breast reduction scars? READ MORE

Is there any hope for minimizing a breast reduction incision?

I had the procedure in August of this year and the incision below my bust, just around the cleavage area is dark and raised. As a matter of fact the... READ MORE

How and when do I massage my scars after a breast reduction?

I am 4 weeks post op. My dr was very rushed at the 2 min long 3 week appt & just told me to buy silicone strips from his private office for the scars.... READ MORE

Scar treatment after Breast Reduction?

I am getting a breast reduction in February. I'm totally excited but a bit concerned about scarring. I have done extensive research and have decided... READ MORE

Can I start using silicone sheeting? (Photo)

Hello, i am 4 weeks post op yesterday and i was told by my PS that i may start useing the silicon sheeting proscribed to me, but forgot to ask him if... READ MORE

I am healing from a breast reduction and my breast is red. What should I do? (Photo)

I had wound Dehisense under my right nipple. The wound closed and healed, I've been using silicone strips and lately the scar has been pealing skin it... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - 3 questions - smoking/bras/healing tips?

1) I have just had my op moved forwards from 19th May to 4th May (in a week) I have only just managed to stop smoking yesterday (one week pre op)... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scars after breast reduction surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had breast reduction surgery 2 months ago and developed hypertrophic scars under my breasts which are not only ugly but painful. My dr. Gave me... READ MORE

I am one-year post op from my breast reduction. What can be done about the scars? (Photos)

I am one year post op. What can be done about my scars? I tried 2-3 months of silicone sheets starting one month post op, massage, and one... READ MORE

Would you recommend epi-derm silicone sheets?

I want to reduce my scarring as much as possible and epi-derm silicone sheets seem like they would do a great job, but whenough could you apply them... READ MORE

Allergy reaction to silicone sheets? (Photo)

19 days post op breast reduction and I got this redness after using silicone sheets a week ago however this is not going away and is very tender to... READ MORE

How soon after a breast reduction can I apply the silicone strips? I am 6 days post op today

By my doctors orders I am taking benadryl and took off my stern strips this am as I caught an allergic reaction to them, however now Im so worried my... READ MORE

Is itching and sensitivity along scars normal with silicone tapes?

I am 5 weeks after breast reduction, breast lift and lipo, and I started using silicone strips on the scars at 4 weeks. I am finding the scars are now... READ MORE

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