Puffy Nipples + Breast Reduction

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My Nipples Are Puffy and That Annoys Me.. Is This Related to Excessive Masturbation? Is There Any Recommended Exercise? (photo)

My case is kind of mild I guess.. I'm not even sure it's Gynecomastia.. What makes things worse is that I'm skinny.. Anyways, It embarrasses me..... READ MORE

I Am 19 Year Old Male and I Have Puffy Nipples and Its 1inch in Diameter. Solution?

Both of them are of different size and its gradually increasing. How can i get rid of this and make them look normal. READ MORE

I Had a BR and Now my Nipples Are Soft and Puffy. Also I Have a Tiny Dark Spot on One. Can You Give Me Some Advice? (photo)

My Breast Reduction was performed on May 25. Everything went as planned. I had 3.8 pounds of breast tissue removed. I am extreamly happy so far. My... READ MORE

Puffy Aerola Post Op Br 8weeks? (photo)

I am not loving my left side for many reasons...its lumpy to the scar and my aerola is really puffy..hard to see in head on pics..but looking down on... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for areola reduction surgery? Can I get areola reduction without a breast lift? (Photos)

I am a 24 years old with no pregnancies. I am a size 10C/D breast and my areola measure 6-7cm diameter when relaxed. one areola is also larger than... READ MORE

Puffy nipple and opening in incision? (photos)

I had a breast reduction April 7th everything has been going great I have no complaints but I am a bit concerned about the opening and the puffiness... READ MORE

Is this normal? Areolas completely different sizes (Photo)

BR on Jan 4th, 2017 34e to probably 34c/d. Left is very red and looks scab/cut and right is significantly larger and seems to be puffy at bottom.... READ MORE

What procedure should be done?

So I am 18 and have 34DD breast and I do not want to get them any bigger. I'm not sure if the proper term is "puffy nipples" or not. In extremely self... READ MORE

4 days after breast reduction and nipple looks odd. What should I do? Is this normal? (Photo)

I don't know what to do my doctor says that my nipples look fine but one looks bruised and dried out and the other looks like its not attaching ranges... READ MORE

After removing the breast gland?

I had enlarged glands in the breast and you removed surgically and now has completed three months of the removal of the gland, and I feel in my... READ MORE

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