Irritation + Breast Reduction

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How Comfortable or Uncomfortable Are the Drains Used for Breast Reduction?

What kind of irritation can the drains from breat reduction cause? Are these put in at the time of the surgery, or post-op based on the need from an... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, my nipple incision looks like it is dissolving stitches. Is this normal? (photos)

I got a breast red w/implant just under 2wk ago and unsure why the nipple incision Looks this way I have the " dissolvable" stitches and I did have... READ MORE

Regarding Breast Reduction Mammoplasty: Is It Possible to Reduce the Breast Size from 36D to 34AA?

My figure would best be described as slender and a little on the shorter side. 36D has begun causing extreme back problems in posture and poise, even... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Pain and Bleeding?

I am five days post op from my breast reduction. The incisions underneath the breasts are very sore and bleeding slightly. I'm off narcotic meds and... READ MORE

Still have irritation. Have not put anything on because Nurse said I'm sensitive and just to keep it clean. (Photo)

I've already put Polysporin and Aquaphor.. But I'm still having itchiness and burning sensation. What other ointment can I use to help with the rash... READ MORE

25 years old, 40HH breasts. No insurance. Is it possible to find a discounted procedure? (Photo)

I am a 25 year old female. I have size 40HH breasts. They cause me significant back, shoulder and rib pain. I often have irritation/open sores where... READ MORE

Will medicare cover a breast reduction?

I am 5'10" tall weighing 240 and wear a 42 H bra. I have constant back and shoulder pain and irritation under breast. I have even been treated for... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 2 Months Ago, It Isn't my Scars That Both Me, but Rather the Skin Above the Crease?

I had no issues with healing whatsoever. My incisions were completely closed up a week after surgery. I feel an almost constant burning/irritation at... READ MORE

Having irritation on incisions after taking Aquaphor & Polysporin, what can I put on my incisions for irritation?

6 weeks tomorrow, I went to see my surgeon yesterday, said everything looks great and I can go back to my normal life with no restrictions He Said I... READ MORE

Pruritus of Breast Skin After Breast Reduction

What can I do about pruritis of breast skin 1 week after surgical breast reduction? READ MORE

Should you use any ointments to treat scars after breast reduction?

I have some experience with breast reduction as I just had my 3rd correction surgery (4 weeks) in less then 2 years. My PS never recommend any... READ MORE

Post op bras?

I am 2 days post op and was told to wear a sports bra. However, i find it irritates my bottom incisions. I was wondering if i could wear a very tight... READ MORE

10 days post op Breast Reduction and my stitches have started to sting under each breast. Any suggestions?

I'm 10 days post breast reduction from a g cup to dd, all was going well until yesterday when the stitches under each breast became sore and started... READ MORE

My daughter is 15 years old and her best size is 40DDD. What treatment would you recommend?

My daughter is 15 years old and her best size is 40DDD. She has back and shoulder issues and also under her best she is suffering from discoloration... READ MORE

Skin peeling/flaking/irritated breast reduction? (Photos)

3.5 weeks post BR. I have recently noticed over the last day or two my skin being quite dry and flaking in certain areas of my breasts. Of most... READ MORE

How long should I expect to keep having fat necrosis post BR? (Photo)

I've had a BR from a 36H to approx DD cup (yet to be measured). I was told no bras just vest top with gauze inside for x2wks. I am now in post op... READ MORE

18 year old breast reduction surgery. Would I be a good candidate? Would the surgery have great benefits for me?

I'm 18 years old and am thinking about a breast reduction surgery. I'm 140 pounds , 5'5 and have a size 30GG breasts. I play sports and big breasts... READ MORE

I have irritation under my breasts. I have a consult next week; what can I do to help the irritation till then? (photos)

I have some irritation under both my breasts, the left is worse, and they both hurt so bad, especially when I have my bra on. I have a consult next... READ MORE

Areola photo after I removed tape. Look ok? (photo)

I removed my steri sprips at 3 weeks post op from constant leaking. Seems the skin is very irritated and still not healed. I have polysporin and a... READ MORE

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