Skin peeling/flaking/irritated breast reduction? (Photos)

3.5 weeks post BR. I have recently noticed over the last day or two my skin being quite dry and flaking in certain areas of my breasts. Of most concern near the vertical incision lines as they now appear wider to me and a lot redder/pinker. I have thin skin and am prone to eczema. I am currently using vitamin e oil and silicone gel twice a day for scar management.. I also had skin irritation from tape which seems to be ok now. Should I be concerned about this or just part of the healing process?

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Scar Management

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Hello,Another study was just published in the most recent issue of the the Aesthetic Surgery Journal about the lack of efficacy of vitamin E on scar appearance.  You should stop.  As for silicone gel, it does help with scar redness, but right now your scars need mechanical support more than anything. That is why the most effective scar management system you should be employing is paper tape - two or three dollars for a roll from the local pharmacy. It will do more for scar appearance than anything else. Tape therapy should continue until scar strength has stabilized, around 3 to 4 months. After that, you can use silicone topical gel, if you still want to.Best of luck!

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