Hole + Breast Reduction

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Wound Separation a Little Ovber a Month Post BR? (photo)

I had a BBR on 6/18/12. I'm dealing with wound separations that 'seem' to be progressing positively.. though it's hard to tell and a lot like watching... READ MORE

3 weeks post-breast reduction - noticed small hole at T junction with white/yellow discharge. Should I be concerned? (photo)

Since about 5 days ago when I take my sports bra off to shower, there is a bit of yellowish dried discharge where the bra sits under my right breast... READ MORE

Incision opening 4 weeks post op. It doesn't hurt, but I'm concerned. Is this normal and will it heal by itself? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks ago. I went from a 36DDD to a 36C. My healing has been great so far, but this week I noticed a small hole right near... READ MORE

Why Did my Breasts Open Underneath Leaving a Deep Hole?

I received a breast reduction 10 days ago. Now I have a deep open hole under both breasts. I want to know if they can be can be closed. The doctor... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - hole developed. Is this a splitting suture? (photos)

I'm exactly 3wks post BR. 36GG to a D cup. My incisions were closed until tonight. After a bath I noticed a hole with butter-like fluid draining once... READ MORE

Weird Looking Drain Hole Scar After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had br on 3/26/13. I had drain on each side for one day..i am hating how they look..and the left side has a rather large skin flap..will i need a... READ MORE

What to Do About Breast Reduction Quarter Size Opening at T Spot and Lump/knot Along Anchor and Dog Ears? (photo)

I had BR May 20th & have a knot & also have a qtr size hole at the T spot. Dr saw it 2 weeks ago(hole only) & said only put a bandage over... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 9 weeks post op and another hole appears. It's oozing a little blood stained fluid. Should I be worried?

I had my reduction done 9 weeks ago but had problems with healing as immune suppressed . Holes are healing slowly but have just found another area... READ MORE

5 months post Breast Reduction - Hole on incision line and is yellow in the middle. (photo)

I am not at the beginning of my 5th month post op of breast reduction surgery. I am pleased with the outcome and never had an infection. This morning... READ MORE

6 wks post op breast reduction & I have small hole. How long will it take for it not to ooze infection & what can I do? (photos)

Been on antibiotics for 3 + weeks of that time, I now have a very small hole that oozes infection eeven though I am on day 5 of keflex (10 days keflex... READ MORE

Hole under breast after breast reduction (anchor). What should I do? (Photo)

Hello. I got a Breast reduction on December 1st. I understood recovery would be hard especially having two little boys (5&3) at home. Things seemed to... READ MORE

Hole in left vertical & also around nipple, right breast 5 wk post vertical reduction. Is there something I need to do? (photo)

Is this normal? Is this infected? My surgeon is away for a week and im freaking out. The breast with the nipple wound has definitely gotten bigger.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op and small hole at the incision, is this okay? (photo)

I've been healing great! But then this morning I noticed a slight smell coming from the tape so I removed it and kinda freaked out with what I see.... READ MORE

My Left Breast Had Breast Necrosis and I Need a 2nd Opinion? (photo)

My PS wants to just do surgery but I want to seek other treatments to desolve the necrosis tissue. I have a hole that has drained a few times. When... READ MORE

Is this an infection? They are warm to the touch and red. (photo)

I had a infection from a hole a couple weeks back took antibiotics and it cleared up..but now this happening and am not sure what its about. Does it... READ MORE

I have a small hole in the cleavage of my left breast. Is this normal and should I contact my surgeon? (Photo)

I had an appointment with my surgeon Monday and she cleaned it and put silver in it. She said it will scab and fall off when it is healed. Today is... READ MORE

I had breast reduction surgery 9 wks ago & my right breast is still discharging from a tiny hole at the bottom. Any suggestion?

Scar a yellowish-clear liquid.There is no pus,pain or fever,is that ok ?? or should I be worried ??,please advise,tks a lot, READ MORE

Sunbathing 7 days post reduction

Can you let me know if its wise to sunbath exposing my reduced breast ( reduced 7 days ago) The drain holes are a tiny bit sore and still a bit wet... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: Recurrent Infections Despite Following Correct Protocol?

Within 2 weeks of BR I developed an enterococcus infection and 2 holes in the scars on each breast. All the typical symptoms. Given antibiotics,... READ MORE

Large open wound underneath my breast from surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast reduction on June 1 in Abbotsford BC. One drainage tube got plugged right away which started causing issues. June 8 - tube removed and... READ MORE

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