Free Nipple Graft + Breast Reduction

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Surgeon Says I Need Free Nipple Grafting for my Breast Reduction?

I'm 5'2, 159 lbs, 46F. I seen a surgeon today and he said I would need a Free Nipple Graft & there was no other options! He said I have "long"... READ MORE

Bactracin Ointment or Neosporin Which is Best to Use on Nipple After Reduction, Free Nipple Graft?

Is it best to use bacitracin or neo and do I put it all over the nipple area, my nipple area looks black. READ MORE

Free nipple graft; healing and results

How does a FNG differ in terms of healing, resulting breast shape and any other diffetences? (Yes I know they are not considered necessary except... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Free Nipple Graft. My Nipples Look Black?

I had a breast reduction with free nipple graft a week ago, My question is, do I put the bacitracin ointment all over the nipple, my nipples look... READ MORE

Skin of areola peeling off after breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction about 3 weeks ago. This was a free nipple graft and everything. I had drains, "rosebuds", and stitches/staples removed with... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, free nipple graft keeps scabbing and bleeding. Any suggestions?

7weeks post breast reduction, free nipple graft keeps scabbing over and then bleeds and cycle begins again, not sure what to do, going round in... READ MORE

I'm a 40 DDD going down to a C cup. I'm 234 pounds and 5'8. I'm 22 years old as well. Do I need a free nipple graft? (photo)

My plastic surgeon says I need a free nipple graft and it's the only option due to the amount of tissue tissue my insurance wants removed from me. I'm... READ MORE

I had a nipple graft breast reduction 3 wks ago. I'm concerned. The skin on my areolas are peeling. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a nipple graft breast reduction 3 weeks ago. I'm a bit concerned because last week the skin began to slowly peel off of my areola's. I've... READ MORE

Can I get a reduction without FNG? (Photo)

My breast are very heavy size 38M/N at this time. I would like to reduce to about 38D but do not want to get a FNG. Is this possible? I am in Michigan. READ MORE

I’m 23 and Having a BR in August. I Am a 38H and Would Like to Go Down to a 38D. Will I Have to Do the FNG?

When I had my consultation with my PS, he stated that I wouldn't have to do the Free nipple graft but I did not tell him what size I wanted to achieve... READ MORE

Nipples Oozing Clear Fluid 8 Weeks Post Op After Fng?

I am 8 weeks post op and had a fng. My nipples are constantly oozing a clear fluid all day. The constant oozing causes my bra to stick and gauze pad... READ MORE

Do you think that a FNG would be indicated when going from a 34G to 34B? (Photo)

I want to go back to the size I was most of my life. I'm 56, 5'9" and only 10 lbs overweight. Do you think a reduction this large could be done... READ MORE

Breast Size After Free Nipple Graft Reduction?

Hello, I'm having a Free Nipple Graft Reduction very soon and I have my 2nd assessment (pre op) appointment where we will select final size range and... READ MORE

Triple D bulging out. Need FNG, my Dr said I do. Is 628g too much? (Photo)

I have considered breast reduction and am ready to do it ASAP. I'm miserable. I bought a 40DDD bra the but I bulge out of it . I had a consult and my... READ MORE

I'm having a Breast Reduction surgery. I am having FNG. How long does the foam/covering remain on? (photos)

I am having BR on the 25th and will be having approx 1500 grams removed from each breast. I am having FNG. My question is how long does the... READ MORE

What options do I have to get nipple projection after nipple necrosis from free nipple graft during my breast reduction? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction with free nipple graft a little over 5 months ago. I was a G cup and wanted to go to a C/D cup. My board certified, top rated... READ MORE

Is a free nipple graft really necessary? My surgeon says it is due to my size (Photo)

I'm reading so many surgeons say they don't recommend getting a free nipple graft but my surgeon says due to the size of my breasts and where my... READ MORE

Is a reduction with free nipple graft the best option for me due to my breast size?

I am considering a reduction and after a consult have been told that I would need a free nipple graft. My size is 46G/H and the length to the nipple... READ MORE

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