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Breasts Too High After Breast Reduction - Will They Settle Lower?

I just had a reduction and my breasts are too high up... I know that sounds like an odd thing to say because your that is the point of a reduction but... READ MORE

After a breast reduction, how long will it take for my breasts to drop and not be so perky? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction from an F to a C three days ago. I am left feeling like my breasts are too small now, but I think that will change once they... READ MORE

Drop and Fluff Timing After BL/BR?

Had a breat reduction and lift 12 weeks ago,vertical method went from 34ff to 34c or 36b. left breast hasnt dropped to level of right breast.is this... READ MORE

One Breast Healing at Faster Rate Normal?

Is it a common occurrence for breasts to heal at different rates? One seems a little "behind". Seems to not have "dropped as quickly". I'm a month out... READ MORE

Will my breast drop down and look more like the other breast? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on my left side, that is now 5 days ago, so my concern is, that I will stay all swelled and way above my other breast, what... READ MORE

I just had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and feel they are too small and high for my frame. Will they drop and get larger?

I went from a 42ddd to a 40c and I wanted to stay a D . I feel that my tummy looks larger because of it. READ MORE

5 weeks post op Breast reduction, any suggestions? (photos)

Just wondering if I'm looking normal in terms of healing for 5 weeks post op BR. I had some concerns that I addressed to my PS last week. One being... READ MORE

Is it normal to be sewn to chest wall after breast reduction, not along normal breast line under the breast? (Photos)

I had breast reduction and a lift three weeks ago. I did not realize I was going to be cut underneath my breast and then sewn to my chest wall not... READ MORE

My breast are now 34DD and still nursing. Is it possible to have a Breast Reduction with implants?

I recently had a baby six months ago. My breast are now a 34DD, I am still nursing. I plan to stop nursing as I'm back out to work full time. My... READ MORE

Would you recommend Breast reduction with implants or just lift? (photos)

I had a BR in 1997 now my breast have drop and starting to sag...I would live to get implants with a lift to make them more rounder look that want sag... READ MORE

Is it normal after a Breast Reduction for breast to be 2 different sizes? (photos)

It's been 4 weeks and my right breast dropped but my left is still huge. I'm not sure how to go about it if it stays like this. READ MORE

When I heal will my breast drop or will you still be able to see the scar of the incision?

The scar is an an anchor scar but it isn't in the crease of my breast its below the crease. I'm hoping that when I heal you won't be able to see it.... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 8 days post op from a Reduction/lift. DD to C. Overtime will I lose the boxiness And hopefully look bigger? (Photos)

Started with a 36DD (I like to say 36Long I'm feeling more like a B. Dr says full C on Rt maybe a tad smaller on lft as to insur require, preop convo.... READ MORE

Breast reduction swelling; do breasts typically get smaller after the swelling goes down after a reduction?

Do breasts typically get smaller after the swelling goes down after a reduction? Some girls say that theirs have gotten a little bigger after the... READ MORE

Does all breast reduction have to do with cutting?

Can some of the fat be romove with outt being cut I can work with my brest being drop but the part that hangs out off the bra could be remove I don't... READ MORE

How long till my breasts are fully dropped?

I am 2 weeks post op from a breast reduction and lift. I was a 36I, hoping to become a dd/ddd. How long till my breasts drop, soften and I start to... READ MORE

I'm 8d sp breast reduction and breasts are now uneven. Is an immediate revision possible?

I had breast reduction over a week ago. My left nipple is 3/4 inch down and to the left of where the right is. I am told that there is remodeling and... READ MORE

Will my breast drop to match the other one?

I've always had one breast larger than the other, around 2 cup sizes and yesterday I had a breast reduction on my larger breast, I've just been shown... READ MORE

Is it possible for a 51-year old Black female to get breast reduction with minimal scarring?

Looking for a plastic surgeon who accepts Aetna HMO in Northern VA/DC/MD. I am currently a 36DDD and looking for a 36B with minimal scarring (short... READ MORE

Sunken or dropped nipples from original position? (Photos)

I have noticed both nipples have dropped and behind then the area has sunk at the top of them. They were perfect this morning. My nipples have been... READ MORE

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