DDD To C Cup + Breast Reduction

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How Many Cup Sizes Can I Lose After 38DDD to C Breast Reduction?

I am a 38DDD... Will I be able to go down to a 38C (Like I was in high school)? READ MORE

34DDD wanting to get breast reduction to a C/D. How much do I need removed?

Hello, I wear a 34DDD Bra (I poor out of it a bit), I am 5'4 130lbs size 4, my breast are far too large for my frame causing major back and neck... READ MORE

Costs of Reduction From 34DDD to a Small C?

I have always been big chested. I am 23 years old and also 4'10''. I am currently wearing a 34DDD cup size. Before I had my daughter, I... READ MORE

So Confused: Breast Reduction without a Lift?

I am so confused. My insurance approved me for the breast reduction but does not cover the lift. I am a DD or even a triple D trying to be a small C.... READ MORE

What Size Will my Surgeon Make my Breasts? Is it Possible to Go From DDD To A Large B Small C?

Hello everyone. Im awaiting my insurance approval for my breast reduction due for may 25th, and i am very excited. My consult went pretty quickly and... READ MORE

Incision opening 4 weeks post op. It doesn't hurt, but I'm concerned. Is this normal and will it heal by itself? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction 4 weeks ago. I went from a 36DDD to a 36C. My healing has been great so far, but this week I noticed a small hole right near... READ MORE

Is there a difference in recovery time when the lollipop incision is used rather than the anchor?

I am a 38DDD, and my surgeon plans to use the lollipop incision. I am 56 and want to be a B, but he thinks that's too small for me, so I'm hoping to... READ MORE

I'm a DDD. How Many Grams Will I Lose to Go Down to a C?

My Insurance company requires me to be 250 grams over the normative average in order for me to be covered for breast reduction surgery. I am 5"7", I... READ MORE

34 Ddd to a Full C Cup?

Hi Doctors I'm 4'11" 135lbs and a 34 ddd. Always suffered with shoulder neck and back pain, been to a PT, Ortho and lost weight 30lbs (as... READ MORE

I'm a 40 DDD going down to a C cup. I'm 234 pounds and 5'8. I'm 22 years old as well. Do I need a free nipple graft? (photo)

My plastic surgeon says I need a free nipple graft and it's the only option due to the amount of tissue tissue my insurance wants removed from me. I'm... READ MORE

Problems with Support? DDD to C.

I had my br surgery 3/22 (38DDD to about a C). sometimes when i walk, i feel the need to hold up/support my breasts as each step jars them somewhat. i... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Insurance? Age 24, DDD to C cup, BCBS Cover?

I am 24 years old and interested in a breast reduction. I am currently a 36DDD and looking to reduce to a 36C. I have suffered back and neck pain for... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Lollipop Breast Reduction vs. Anchor Breast Reduction? (photos)

Hi, I'm having a breast reduction on August 5. My surgeon typically does the lollypop incision. He also does vaso lipo on the sides of the breast. I'm... READ MORE

Will my Scars Show in a Bikini After Breast Reduction?

I'm a DDD cup size hoping to go down to a C cup. Want to know if my scars will be visible in a bikini? I'm a model and I'm hoping all my scars are... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from DDD to C, Would This Keep Me Proportionate?

I am 5' 1/2'' (dead in the middle can't round it) and my back is constantly pressured and hurting. I weigh about 148-153. Varies on... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck: Are my Post-op Results Normal? (Photos)

I chose the wrong doctor for my Breast reduction and tummy tuck. I feel like my body is worse off. Can someone tell me what you see in the pictures is... READ MORE

PS Says Only 200 Grams For Me To Go From 34DDD To C? (photo)

I just had a consultation. He said to make me a C cup he would only be able to remove about 200 grams. The 440 required by my IC would make me a large... READ MORE

How much does weight factor into getting a reduction covered by insurance? Are my breasts big enough to be considered? (photo)

I'm 25 years old, 5'5'', 150lbs with 36DD or 34DDD. Although a regular BMI test would say I'm overweight - I'm actually just pretty muscular. I'm... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, how long does Breast Reduction total healing process take?

I am 6 weeks post op. I feel like most of my swelling if not all is gone. I have no pain and can wear an underwire bra. I seem to still have one... READ MORE

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