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Bad Breast Reduction Scars - Cosmetic Tattoo Cover-up?

I had a breast reduction in 2008 that left me with thick dark scars. I went back to have a scar revision in 2009, but the scars are still bad. I'm... READ MORE

Non-surgical Revision for Breast Reduction Keloid Scars?

I am a 62-year-old black female. I have formed keloids from breast reduction surgery. The keloids are on the surgery site. I do not particularly want... READ MORE

What Can You Do when Your Nipple is Gone After a Breast Reduction

I had a breast reduction about a month ago and they skin graft my areolas and nipples and when the dressing was remove from my areolas and nipples I... READ MORE

How Will I Look After 1000G Reduction?

I am a black female..who is 5'8 210 lbs, my breast are about a 40 DDD-E-F(somewhere in that reange). I am scheduled to have a reduction of 1000... READ MORE

African American Woman Wants To Know Expectations For Breast Reduction Surgery

I'm 5'3, weighing 165 lbs, wearing a 36DDD. My surgeon stated he would remove between 600-800 grams. Would that bring me to a 36C or a 36D?... READ MORE

Revision for Free Nipple Graft / Areola Pulling Away?

3 years ago I had a significant reduction( L to a D) with a FNGraft. Since then the breasts have become larger and the dark areola is pulling away... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for Fair Colored African American?

What can I do to improve the scars? I am a fair colored African American. I don't believe they are keloids, but are dark brown, raised and wide. READ MORE

54 Married, Black Women, Surgery Aug 2012, (2) Questions, Nipples Inverted/flat, Dark Colored Scars?

I am 54 Married, Black Women, I had surgery Aug 2, 2012, I have two questions, my nipples are inverted and some what flatten, plus I have dark colored... READ MORE

Nipple Graph Skin Gone?

I'm African American and I am worried about my nipple color after healing. Right now they are fleshy colored. Is this normal? READ MORE

I'm I a Candidate for Reduction? (photo)

I'm 19 , african, i weigh 109lbs , quite a small frame and i'm a 34d. I've got persistent pain in my upper body , neck, back, shoulders and sometimes... READ MORE

Can blood flow be increased after having a breast reduction with free nipple graft? (Photo)

In 2013 I had a breast reduction. I was told that the free nipple graft MAY need to be done only as a last resort if there was an issue with blood... READ MORE

I am a 44G, my breasts prohibit me from exercising. Do I need to lose weight before a Breast Reduction, or can I do it before?

I am 260 pound black female for a fat girl im pretty soild meaning my body fat is not soft r flappy. my breast are 44G. i am desperate to loss weight... READ MORE

Best Solution for Stretch Marks...Mini or Full Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I'm a 30-yr-old mother of 4. African American height:5'2 weight:138lbs. I want to rid myself of the stretch marks and pooch. I had to undergo surgery... READ MORE

Breast reduction scar worse on African Americans? Nipple loss common? When would I be blue to put nipple rings back in? (photo)

I am a 22 year old African American woman & I am researching about Breast reduction. I've hated my breast for as long as I can remember. They sag, &... READ MORE

I had removal of 850g from each breast 11/1. Pre-op size was 38 I/J. Post op is 38 F. Is this correct with the amount removed?

1. I'm 5'8, 180 lbs, medium/large build, 28 year old African American. 2. My surgeon said my swelling is gone for the most part and he doesn't... READ MORE

Is it realistic to go from a DD to B or maybe C and still get a natural look? (Photos)

Hello, i am a 21 Africa American female . I am about 4'9 and 160 pounds . I am kind of over weight i use to be loke 130 . I was told i have DD breast ... READ MORE

Want Breast Reduction but have small keloid on ear from piercing. Can I have surgery if I have a keloid?

I am a 20 year old african female wanting a breast reduction. However i have a small keloid on my ear from a bad piercing. I really want the reduction... READ MORE

I had a reduction. My right nipple is inverted now. I think an incision at my nipple (not my areola) has not healed. What gives?

The tip of my nipple has a white pigment (which, is very noticeable to me considering I'm African American). I know I need to see a doctor about this... READ MORE

What procedures can be done and what must I do to prepare? 5'5" 200+ lbs, 21 years old, no children. Willing to travel (Photo)

I have H cup breasts that no longer look good and due to weight fluctuations my stomach hangs and my breasts sag. I also have back rolls and love... READ MORE

Ways to reduce breast without surgery?

I am a 21 years old African schooling abroad when I first came I was a B cup but in less than a year my breast rapidly grew to a double D pls what can... READ MORE

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