Bad Breast Reduction Scars - Cosmetic Tattoo Cover-up?

I had a breast reduction in 2008 that left me with thick dark scars. I went back to have a scar revision in 2009, but the scars are still bad. I'm wondering if I need to keep up with steroid injections ( I believe the doctor who did my scar revision injected the site once during the surgery, but i do not want to return to him for anything else). Ive also been looking into cosmetic tattooing to camouflage the scars. I am very unhappy with them, Please help!

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Breast Reduction - Scars, Revision, Steroid Injections

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Hi JayJay11 in Maryland,

I'm obviously sorry that things did not turn out exactly the way you, and I'm sure the surgeon, would have wanted.  Surgery is inherently somewhat predictable and despite the best of intentions, planning and execution (ie, the surgery), things do not always turn out perfectly.

I understand what you're unhappy about.  Fortunately, though, you seem to have a very nice shape now; I don't know what you looked like before.  And I"m also sorry that you already had a scar revision...

However, I would advise another scar revision if you're willing, followed by silicone sheeting (can't hurt, may help), steroid injections as indicated and, though somewhat unlikely, tattoo.  It is easier to make something darker than lighter; ie, you can cover up lighter irregularities of pigmentation more easily than trying to cover dark with light.  There are some laser treatments (not actually laser; more accurately "light" treatments) that can help lighten color.

In short, there are no simple answers to what you want, but a well-planned team effort may help provide an improvement to what you look like at this point.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

Breast Reduction Unfavorable Scarring?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Although your dissatisfaction with the surgery is understandable I hope you understand that,  despite your surgeon's best efforts,  unsatisfactory scarring can happen after this type of surgery. Hopefully, you are pleased with the overall change in size/contour of the breasts.

You may be better off with another attempt at scar revision surgery than tattoo camouflage.

Best wishes.

Wide and dark scars may be helped with surgery and scar treatment

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From your photos, it appears that the scars are both wide and dark. You would probably benefit from re-excision of the scars followed by postoperative scar treatment with silicone gel sheeting and a skin bleaching agent like hydroquinone for 4 - 6 months or more. You should also be followed closely for a while to make sure that you are progressing appropriately

Scar issues

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Scar problems can develop with almost any surgery but the causes are often multifactorial including genetic components, tension, healing issues, etc..  Sometimes revision of scars can be helpful and then treating them with silicone sheeting, massage, taping, etc..  Good luck.

Bad Breast Reduction Scars - Cosmetic Tattoo Cover-up?

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I think the size of your breasts is good. The scars are somewhat hypertrophic and I would suggest another excision with steroids or 5 FU placed in the wound to try to avoid the scar complications that you have.

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