9 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Dark Spot on Upper Left Breast., What Is It?

Im 20 and I got a reduction over christmas. I guess my body couldnt dissolve stitches so they would come up through my skin. and what i thought was... READ MORE

What are ways of treating fat necrosis after breast reduction/lift? (photo)

I underwent a breast reduction/lift in January 2014. My left breast has a huge hard mass that takes up a 3"x1" (3 Tbsp) area in the lower part of the... READ MORE

Pain in Breast 9 Months After Surgery?

I had my breast reduction 9 months ago and for the most part all has gone weil. The past week to 10 days I have been having pain in both breasts.... READ MORE

Is it normal for my breasts to looks like this 9 months after surgery?

I had a breast reduction October 7th 2014. Everything looked fine and I healed. I was a 32H and went to a 32C. My nipples are too high up and now the... READ MORE

Post Breast reduction question? (photo)

I had a breast reduction in February 2013 and I recovered with ease but it seems like my left breast didn't heal nicely. I'm not sure why the line is... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/Lift with wound healing; possible scar revision and now maybe scar tissue? (Photos)

I am now just shy of 9 months post op. I have been pondering on doing the scar revision, only now I'm questioning if this wound possibly has scar... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 9 months ago and I still find my nipples tender at times.Will this improve over time?

When I have a top an a no bra you can always notice my nipples standing out like they are always erect.  READ MORE

How Can the Difference of Nipple Projection and Size Difference Be Addressed?

Breast Reduction Performed in December 2012.  During surgery my doctor discovered a lump/growth. He then had to go back and redo the first breast... READ MORE

9 months post opt. Can I change plastic surgeons for final check ups?

Do i need to worry i am 9 months post opt have lump under scar of right side. Waiting on mamagram. My surgeon wouldnt see me. do i even need to go... READ MORE

Breast reduction about 9 months ago and have sharp pain sometimes and my boobs still hurt sometime when they are touched.Advice?

I just had a breast surgery 9 months ago even thou my breast are soft to the touch when I raise my arms you can see a spot on my scare that pulls.... READ MORE

Pain in right breast 9 months after breast reduction. Should I be worried?

I had a breast reduction 9 months ago. Everything was fine until last week. My right breast began to itch a lot. I wasn't careful about it and I... READ MORE

Bruising type pain months after breast reduction?

BR completed Feb 15. GG to D cup. Suddenly feeling bruising type pain at the TOP of my left breast (under-arm height). Is this normal internal muscle... READ MORE

Lumps along incision, breast reduction, 9 months out.

I'm 9 months out from a breast reduction and found 3 hard lumps along the incision line on my left breast. They are fairly small, fixed and hard. Is... READ MORE

My nipples are too high on my chest post breast reduction. What can be done?

I had a breast reduction 9 months ago. My breasts have gradually dropped. Now my nipples seem too high on my chest. What can be done about it? Thank... READ MORE

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