18 Months Post-op + Breast Reduction

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Nipple Sensation After Breast Reduction

Hi! I had a breast reduction a year and a half ago (June 2010). I went from a size DD to a size C. Since the operation, I have not regained sensation... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction and my Nipples Are Still Numb. Will I Ever Regain Full Sensation?

I had a breast reduction about 1 ½ years ago and I have regained some sensation in my nipples but I can't properly feel temperature (such as cold ... READ MORE

Would insurance cover a "revision" surgery/a second breast reduction?

I got a reduction about a year and a half ago and I was so happy. About 6 months ago I could tell they got bigger again, by the way clothes were... READ MORE

A year and a half post breast reduction, still have strong nerve pain around my nipples. Is this normal?

(sharp pins/needle shooting pain). I saw my PS at one year follow up and he said it is normal, but now it's 6 months later and the sharp pain has... READ MORE

Breast pain 1.5 years after breast reduction.

It started few weeks ago on and off. Few days ago the pain on my left breast is stronger and now extended to the right one. I feel that my breasts are... READ MORE

Why did/are my breasts growing back?

I was a 40 J/K cup pre op. Immediately post op i was roughly a D cup, but i know settling can cause you to be a little bit bigger. I am 1.5 years post... READ MORE

Should I consider breast implants if I'm unhappy with the results of my breast reduction surgery? (Photo)

I had breast reduction surgery about 18 months ago and I am unhappy with the results, especially my left breast which left my nipple indented and... READ MORE

The pain is unbearable! Is this normal, or should I be worried? (Photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 1yr,7 months ago. I now have a soft red bump on the incision scar that is painful and swollen. The pain is unbearable... READ MORE

Breast reduction surgery gone wrong - 18 months post-op. (photo)

For any surgeon. i had breast reduction Nov 2015. it went wrong. tissue started dying. 3 months of hyperbaric for infection. left with scars,... READ MORE

How to you dissolve stitches still remaining from breast reduction 18 months ago?

I am 66 years old and 18 months ago I had a breast reduction. My surgeon does not see you past 90 days and his office is quite rude when I call to ask... READ MORE

Do I need a revision or would an injection be fine? (photo)

I had my breast reduction a year and a half ago . Didn't notice the keloids at first but the doctor advised me to massage . I did massage throughly... READ MORE

Implants after reduction (reduction was a year and a half ago), best method? Can scars be improved? (Photos)

I had a reduction 1.5 years ago. I want more fullness and to be slightly larger. Would love to fill in stretch marks alone top. Can my keloids be... READ MORE

17 months post breast reduction pain. (photos)

I had a breast reduction in 2012...and a revised reduction in 2015. Besides the embarrassment and lack of fixing the wrongs of the first reduction,... READ MORE

Post breast reduction lumps on scar line. What can I do about this? (Photo)

Hello. I am 1 1/2 years post op. The bottom of the anchor junction split a bit shortly after my surgery but healed well. But I also have a thick lumpy... READ MORE

What else can be done to make my breasts symmetrical after my reduction? (photo)

Been a year and a half since I had a breast reduction. Not 100% happy with the results. My left breast is still larger than the right one, and my... READ MORE

One and a half year after reduction, one of my breasts is getting larger.

The breast feels heavy with a dull ache and numb on the outer side. The other breast is fine and obviously smaller. I recently had to take prednisone... READ MORE

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