1 Week Post-op + Breast Reduction

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How Long Does It Take for Swelling to Be Gone After Breast Reduction?

I had previously told my ps that I was currently in a 38DD and wanted reduced by two cups sizes to a small to normal 38C. I didn't want to be heavy... READ MORE

5 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, Have Yellow Fluid Leaking From the Incision?

I have yellow fluid leaking from the incision and yellow thick like substance looks like it is coming out of the incision under the breast. Is this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift. One Breast is More Bruised and Swollen Than The Other.

I'm hoping a little information will ease my mind. I had breast reduction/lift on my left breast and just a lift on my right 5 days ago. The right... READ MORE

Nipple Loss After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 1 week ago. My right nipple did not look good following the surgery. At first it was thought it was bruising, but now my PS... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Steri Strips if They Have Blood Underneath? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 5 days ago and i have dried blood sitting under my steri strips. my doctor showed me how to replace them. i am just... READ MORE

Removal of drain after Breast Reduction was excruciating.

I had breast reduction surgery 1 week ago. My only complain had to do with the discomfort of the drains, with the right one being more uncomfortable... READ MORE

I Had my Breast Reduction 5 Days Back, Nipple Partiall Black, Could This Be Necrosis?

On the 2nd day post op, the surgeon came to have a look at my breasts and did not observe anything unusual. Yesterday (4th day post op), I went to get... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Post Op Wound Dehiscence - What Can I Do?

I am so scared.I had a breast reduct. 1 week ago.I was a 34F & asked to be a small D.The surgeon did a superior medial technique.I have a lollipop... READ MORE

I Am One Week Post Op for Breast Reduction and Upset That Too Much Was Removed?

I was wearing a 36N. After talking to the doctor the morning of surgery I agreed to 700 grams (what insurance required) because I was terrified of... READ MORE

How Much Smaller Will Breasts Get After Breast Reduction Swelling Goes Down?

After my reduction (I was a C/ small D) - I feel like I can still fit with my old bras/swimsuits (but the difference is that my boobs look better). I... READ MORE

My Sister Just Had a Breast Reduction 5 Days Ago and is Hearing Water Like Sounds in Her Breast. Is This Normal? (photo)

My sister just had a breast reduction 5 days ago and is hearing water like sounds in her breast. She does not have implants and is very concerned. Is... READ MORE

Weight The Same After Reduction, Shouldn't It Be Lower? When Does Swelling Subside?

Had breast reduction surgery on Sept 27. Weight went up after surgery and now is back to pre-surgery level. But since I had several pounds of breast... READ MORE

Is my left breast swollen beyond what is considered normal? (photo)

I am 5 days post-op...reduction w new Silicone and lift. From 36J to approx 34D-DD. PS also did some lipo of my sides. My right breast feels fine..but... READ MORE

Am I having the start of nipple necrosis? (photos)

I am 8 days post-op after a bilateral breast reduction. A total of 5lbs was removed. Everything looks to be healing up just fine so far with the... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Incision Pain and Bleeding?

I am five days post op from my breast reduction. The incisions underneath the breasts are very sore and bleeding slightly. I'm off narcotic meds and... READ MORE

Having Pain As Well As White Stringy Substance Coming From Drains 1 Week Post Op. What To Do?

The place where my drains are placed hurt really bad. Also I have white string like stuff coming out into the bulbs, is this normal? The pain... READ MORE

Have my breasts been reduced enough? 300 grams were removed from each side. (Photo)

I had BBR surgery this week. I was previously a 34FF and hoped to go as small as possible - realistically this meant a C. 300 grams were removed from... READ MORE

I've Not Been Able to Sleep Since I Had my Breast Reduction. is That Normal?

Hi guys, I am exactly one week and one day post op and since I'm not much of a medicne taker I've reduced the amount of pain meds that I was taking to... READ MORE

Will I Get the Sensation Back in my Right Nipple?

I had a breast reduction on 8/25. Both breasts have some swelling and bruising. The left nipple has sensation but the right nipple does not. It is... READ MORE

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