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Recovery Time After Exchange Surgery of TE and Silicone Implants?

It has been just over two weeks that I had my exchange surgery,...tissue expanders to 700 cc's silicone implants. I wear a bandage over the top part... READ MORE

Following Breast Cancer, Got Saline Reconstruction in 2002, Now Experiencing Itching Inside Breast. What's The Cause?

Breast Cancer 2001, 2009 and Brain Cancer 2011 April . I Do Not Have a Rash, and the Only Medication I Am on is Aromasin. I Had reconstruction in... READ MORE

8 years ago I had a DIEP flap beast reconstruction. In the last year or so I have had itching deep under the scar line.

Is this likely to be an infection? I have non dissolvable stitches, which on my sides I can see close to the surface of the skin. I also have internal... READ MORE

Itching under skin left implant. Can anyone give me some insight of what might be causing this?

I am a breast cancer survivor who, after 14 years had revision surgery with gummy bear implants. Recently I have noticed itching of the left breast.... READ MORE

What is causing jabbing and itchy pain in my breast?

I had left radical right simple mastectomy and have saline implants. I was woke up with jabbing and itchy sensation in left breast....I have had it... READ MORE

I had a preventive double mast 11 years ago, my saline implants were very firm and well rounded. Why do I have pain?

In the last 2 weeks, I have started to have pain, see visible changes. Implants have movement to the side, not up & done. my L breast seems to have a... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants Due to BC 3 Years Ago, on the Outside Breast It Won't Stop Itching?

I had breast implants due to BC 3 years ago, on the outside breast it won't stop itching, what causes this? READ MORE

DIEP flap abdominal scar itching after 8-9 years post-op. How can I stop it?

I had a DIEP flap recon. in 2006. For the last year or so, I have been getting itching under the abdominal scar line.The perm.stitches are v.near the... READ MORE

Is Itching, Redness and Pain a Sign of Breast Cancer?

Should I be concerned if I am experiencing some irritation around my breasts such as itching, redness and pain? Could this be a sign of breast cancer? READ MORE

Cancer mastectomy, Breast reconstruction 5 years ago. Terrible itching under epidermis.

Cancer mastectomy, Breast reconstruction 5 years ago. Terrible itching and hot pains under the surface, cannot soothe them, for the last 2 years. What... READ MORE

Exparel Side Effects?

I had a breast and arm lift last year and they used Exparel. About 8 days out from surgery, I had intense itching. I had been off pain pills for days... READ MORE

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