Recovery Time After Exchange Surgery of TE and Silicone Implants?

It has been just over two weeks that I had my exchange surgery,...tissue expanders to 700 cc's silicone implants. I wear a bandage over the top part of my breasts to help the implants to "drop", but I have had an intense amount of itching. Is this normal? Also, I work at a job that requires me to be on my feet all day and on the move constantly. How long should I be off work to insure an optimum recovery?

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Usually quick recovery after tissue expander to implant exchange

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While every case is different, the recovery time after placing silicone implants after tissue expansion is usually fairly short. This presumes that the expansion volume was adequate and that no significant revisions were required. The itching is likely unrelated to the surgery, more likely a medication or reaction to the elastic in the band (subpectoral strap.)

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Recovery time after second stage breast reconstruction

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Typically the recovery time following second stage of tissue expander.implant breast reconstruction is short.  Usually women are back to work within a week or two.  I restrict heavy lifting/vigorous activity during this time period, but most women tolerated this procedure very well.  The itching that you describe is most likely irritation from the elastic or band, especially if it is localized to that area.  I would try a different material.  Certainly an evaluation by your plastic surgeon is warranted if it progresses or worsens.   Hope that this helps!  Good luck!

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Breast reconstruction

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Your reconstruction may be itching from healing or you could have a reaction to meds or garments.  Best to see your surgeon.

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I am curious whether you had a breast augmentation or a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.  My answer will vary depending upon the type of surgery you had.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Dr. Steven Schuster in Boca Raton.

Recovery after tissue expander to implant

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You would find that second-stage surgery (TE to implant) is easier than your initial surgery.   You should not have any much pain or discomfort.  If you are having itchiness localized around your chest, this may be from your bandage or bra.  If you are having itching all over the body, you need to review your medication.  In regards to returning to work, you should do it when you feel recovered from surgery - off pain medication and feeling stronger.

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