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Wound Separation After Stitches Removed? (photo)

Had my stitches removed after 2 weeks. That evening I had experienced separation. The PS office said to do a wet to dry twice a day. I am following up... READ MORE

What is to Be Expected from Sutures/stitches After Breast Lift with Augmentation??

Seems like orange-colored sutures came off my aerola. No redness, no infection in sight, but just a tiny little hole. Is this normal? What is to be... READ MORE

Will Spitting Stitches Affect Breast Lift Scars?

My question is, my scars were healing wonderfully and then for some reason I starting spitting stiches. I went to my PS the first time and he removed... READ MORE

Forgot to Remove a Dissolvable Stitch After Breast Lift?

I had a breast lift just over 3 weeks ago. Today I went to see my doctor for my last check up. I only just noticed that he forgot to take out a stitch... READ MORE

6 weeks post op of Breast Lift, are dissolvable stitches supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving?

Are dissolvable stitches used In a breast lift 6 weeks post op supposed to be tender and painful when they are dissolving? I have also had many... READ MORE

Do doctors use permanent stitches underneath the nipples for a donut mastopexy? (photo)

Had a breast augmentation done with a donut mastopexy three in a half weeks ago. Everything seems to be healing fine and the surgical glue has come... READ MORE

Shower After Breast Lift and Absorbable Stitches? Afraid Of Infection; Should I Do A Sponge Bath Instead?

I done a breast lift and implant before 4 days my doctor said that I can shower, but I'm worried and scared that I will get an infection, can I... READ MORE

How Do I Treat What Looks Like a Stitch Abscess? (photo)

I did a BL and TT 4 weeks ago in the Dominican Republic. Everything looked great until now, I noticed that my incision looks like it is separating. My... READ MORE

Internal Stitches for Benelli Lift?

Had my BA and also had the benilli lift. My areolas were smaller but they were puffy and stuck out. After three months one flattened and went back to... READ MORE

Are Vicryl Sutures Common for Anchor Mastopexy?

Do you think there are better sutures aside from Vicryl to use for an anchor mastopexy? Why or why not? What are the benefits of some of the common... READ MORE

Could this be a Stitch Abscess or something else? I'm 20 days post op; mastopexy, 300cc silicone implants. (photos)

Almost no bruises on breast until day 13, daily pics revealed it grew worse; light bloody discharge at areola incision & discomfort. Day 15, some... READ MORE

Breast Lift Absorbable Suture for Less Visible Scarring?

Is there a type of an absorbable suture that leaves less visible scarring for anchor Mastopexy? READ MORE

Should I Still Have a Little Black Stitch Sticking out at the Bottom of the Breast?

I am six weeks post op breast lift with anchor type incision. the black stitch is at the "T" under the breast. Should i pull it out or contacts my doctor? READ MORE

3 Months Post Breast Lift and Nipple Very Sore, What Is Causing This?

I have breast lift w/ implants 3 months ago. Had to have knot on permanent stitch on one breast removed since it was poking through skin. Now while... READ MORE

I Am Almost 2 Years out from a Lift and Augmentation and Still Splitting Stitches?

My surgery healed great then I developed a small opening on the arellano line. Very much like spitting stitches but I am almost 2years out. The spot... READ MORE

Breast Lift Scar After Pregnancy

I have done the operation breast lift and breast enlargment ,after 6 months i discovered i am pregnant and the stiches started to became darker but... READ MORE

Are my Sutures from my Recent Breast Lift/Aug Surgery Normal?

I am day 7 post op and this morning I got to have a good look at my breasts and got a fright to see they have been stitched together between my... READ MORE

What are my options for scar revision from Bellini lift? (photos)

I had a lift and 460cc implant done in Oct of 2013. My areola scars are humiliating, I have purse string suture and they are painful in some areas... READ MORE

Periareolar Lift- Permanent Suture Undone?

I am positive my left permanent purse string suture is Not connected. A couple months after surgery I saw a stitch and thought it was one that was... READ MORE

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