Scar Revision + Breast Lift

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Had the Benelli Lift with Implants. I Am Really Disappointed in the Scarring and I Am Embarassed of my Breast? (photo)

Can a revision be done to fix the scarring and irregular borders of my surgery. I am soo embrassed of my breasts and I do not want anyone to see them!... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Breast lift scar revision and wearing something low cut? (photos)

I will need a scar/ lift revision for my spread aerolas (6 mos. post op) i am stressing about converting the lift - specifically after excising scars... READ MORE

Should I Have Scar Revision Surgery Post Benelli Mastopexy--what Do You Advise? (photo)

11 months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts. Quite a lot of stretching of the areolas occurred, which I can live with,... READ MORE

Mastoplexy Nov 2011 and my Scars Are Still Very Bad 10 Mos Later? (photo)

Had lift with implants 4/2011 - developed scar tissue one breast and other one was larger. Dr. replaced one implant and revision 11/2011. Now suture... READ MORE

How well will scar revision work on this scar? (photos)

I had surgery in September. Had this incision redone as it was not healing. This is how it has healed. Is there a likely hood that a scar revision... READ MORE

Mastopexy Scaring revised (again)? How long should I wait to have another revision?(photos)

Hello! I'm looking to see if I should have some scaring revised for the second time? My surgery was done in May 2011 ~ I had scar tissue removed in... READ MORE

Would a scar revision help the appearance of my breast lift scars? Could it be done as an outpatient procedure? (photo)

I had a breast lift in 2012. Despite the small white scars being completely healed, there is still a border on either side of my vertical scars. Is... READ MORE

Help - not happy with scarring 8 months after mastopexy. Is it normal to look like this? (Photo)

HELP - I had a maxopexy around a year ago and had significant scarring, I went back to my surgeon around November who then provided scar revision for... READ MORE

What are my options for scar revision from Bellini lift? (photos)

I had a lift and 460cc implant done in Oct of 2013. My areola scars are humiliating, I have purse string suture and they are painful in some areas... READ MORE

Is it normal for my insidious to be this thick and look folded? (photos)

I had a breast lift, and I had a scar revision on my insicion, I feel like the sutures are very thick and my skin is too thick and almost looks like... READ MORE

Scar Revision / Re-positioning and/or Infra-mammary Fold Elevation? (photos)

6 wks post UBL, explantation of 670cc's, (36FF to 36DD/D), I have good nipple sensitivity, my infra-mammary scars are high & my nipples are high too.... READ MORE

Should my breast look like this & have pain 1yr 4month after Breast lift & Reduction? (photos)

I'm not a c cup as I requested and my breast still hurt, they shape funny and I feel as if I was over reduced. I'm unable to wear regular bras due to... READ MORE

What Kind of Wound Care is Appropriate Immediately Following a Scar Revision of Hypertrophic Scars from a Mastopexy?

I had scar revision surgery 5 days ago on hypertrophic mastopexy scars. Only absorbable sutures were used. I asked a similar question a couple of days... READ MORE

Are there any new techniques or lasers to make the breast lift scar revision more precise and clean with the scars? (photos)

My vertical scars are dark on the top. It looks like it's part of the areola. They are uneven looking and not clean. I normally heal very well but not... READ MORE

Breast lift wound separation 9 weeks post op (Photo)

Started opening 3 weeks post op silver bandages and wet dressings. Salt water. Been tested for all disease came back clear. So tired of seeing this... READ MORE

Breast scar revision to get rid of permanent makeup? (Photo)

I got a breast lift 2 years ago. M'y tissues are thin, which caused the scars to widen. I got a scar revision with a permanent suture around the... READ MORE

Scar revision post mastopexy? (Photo)

Mastopexy 09/15. Generally satisfied with the shape. I anticipated scaring, but this is more than I hoped (my c-section is barely noticeable). I feel... READ MORE

Can I have scar revision with a breast lift? (Photos)

I had a botched bra lift surgery and now are left with two nasty scars I want to do a breast lift and was wondering if I could get the scar revision... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Stretched nipple scars after breast lift. Can this be fixed? What is the price range of fixing this? (photo)

I posted this question before with a different picture. I had my breast lift done march of 2015 and had laser treatments done to reduce scarring as... READ MORE

Open wound after breast lift (Photo)

I had my surgery done 4 weeks ago, and this open wound has just gotten worse. I go see my doctor weekly and all he tells me is to keep it clean and... READ MORE

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