Hematoma + Breast Lift

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Hard and Numb Breast After Breast Lift - is It Normal?

I had a breast lift 1,1/2 weeks ago. They had to go twice in my right breast as I developed a hematoma, which they had to drain (its fine now, hardly... READ MORE

Hematoma After a Breast Lift: Will It Effect My Result?

Hi I had a breast uplift 11 days ago. My right breast has been more swollen and bruised than the left, I visited my Dr today and he wants me to come... READ MORE

Another Hematoma- After Revision of Peri-areolar Lift

2 wks ago, I had a revision Peri-areolar bl after having a peri-areolar with aug 6 months ago. On day 11 I developed a Hematoma, my Doc aspirated the... READ MORE

Hematoma Draining by Itself Through Incision. Worried About Infection?

I had a breast lift (no augmentation) & developed a hematoma 2 weeks after surgery. An ultrasound revealed 21cc of blood in one breast. My PS said... READ MORE

Hematoma After a Breast Lift, Will the Breast Become Normal Again?

I had a breast lift without implant and after 10 days a had a large hematoma but the surgeon decided not to remove the blood until on day 16 of the... READ MORE

Hematoma After Breast Lift / Reduction and Possible Infection? (photo)

Hello I am concerned as my ps stated that I might possibly have a hematoma on my left breast. I had a fibrodenoma removed and at the same time had a... READ MORE

Hematoma Questions

I had a hematoma 11 days post op after revision a peri-areolar breast lift (had implants put in 6 months ago). The doc immediately aspirated and then... READ MORE

Hematoma Following Breast Lift

I have had a breast lift and got bigger implants about 5 months ago. I developed what he thinks is a hematoma on my left breast. the bruising is gone... READ MORE

Complications After Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (Shock, Nerve Damage, Hematoma)

I'm a 27 yo female who had a full tummy tuck/breast lift in the end of January after losing 170 pounds over 5 year period. The night after surgery... READ MORE

Swollen Breast - Possible Hematoma 11 Days After BL? (photo)

Yesterday my left breast suddenly got swollen and became bigger in size in the space of 5minutes i thought the stitches would give way. The breast has... READ MORE

Are my hematoma results permanent? How soon can I get a revision if necessary? (Photo)

I am about 3 weeks post op from a regular "anchor" style breast lift without implants. After exactly one week post op, i ended up with a large... READ MORE

Are hematoma normal after breast lift? (photos)

I am two weeks post op from a mastopexy only. No augmentation. Four days ago I noticed bruising around vertical incision that began bleeding dark... READ MORE

Hematoma 10 days after Breast Lift. I was told to change the dressing & bleeding will stop within a week is that true? (photos)

Ive done breast lift and augmentation on 16june every thing was ok until 24 shocked with bleeding iwent to doctor and he pressed on my breast to take... READ MORE

Hard lump following superficial hematoma being drained in MD office. Is this normal?

I had a mastopexy with lollipop incision three weeks ago and developed a superficial hematoma around day 2 on my right breast which which wasn't... READ MORE

Breast Lift Mastopexy No Implants?

I'm 3 months post- op on Sept. 10th I will be 4 mos. I had a hemetoma 9 days after surgery which was drained. I'm still very tight, and numb. The... READ MORE

Will These Stitches Stretch and Breast Regain Shape?

I had a bl 8 weeks ago and developed hematoma in right breast. Hematoma has resolved apart from some hardness internally but the vertical incisions... READ MORE

Will my left breast bottom out and eventually match my right breast like my surgeon predicts? (photos)

I had a anchor style breast lift without implants September 12th. I then had a hematoma in my right breast that had to be surgically resolved. Last... READ MORE

Are these soft pools of liquid at the base of my lollipop incision seromas or hemotomas? (photos)

I'm 5 days PO and while there is no pain these soft pools of "something" are making me a little anxious. these "bumps" have been here since day... READ MORE

Several Hematoma After Breast Lift and Tummy Fat Removal. Normal?

I have several HematonaI after breast lift and tummy fat removed. Plus it hurts. Is this normal? READ MORE

Clear of hematoma/fluids in right breast. 2 weeks post, 600cc under muscle high profile saline. Am I healing correctly? (Photo)

BA 6/19/15 600cc HP salines under muscle. My R breast (left in photo) was always a bit more higher& swollen. 3 days after surgery i aggressively... READ MORE

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