G Cup + Breast Lift

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Breast Lift Without Implants for GG Cup Breasts?

I wear a 34GG size bra and after having nursed 5 children, I'm in need of a Breast lift. Can it be done without Breast implants and will the lift... READ MORE

Lift for Very Large Breasts (38G)

I am 27 and have had 3 children in the last 7 years. After years of breast feeding my very large (38G) very perky breasts have lost a good amount of... READ MORE

What Kind of Lift Would I Have to Get? (photo)

Would an anchor lift work? I'm 49, and I've lost 130 lbs. The skin is very loose, however, I plan on getting a BA later to get the fullness I want... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Size 40G, I'm 15?

I'm 15, 5'6 1/2" I'm currently 236 lbs. I have lost 30 lbs. recently but my bra size just gets bigger no matter how much weight I lose. My back... READ MORE

Want to make my 32G breasts perkier. Any suggestions? (photos)

My right breast is saggier than my left because I had a non-cancerous tumor removed a few weeks ago. Both breasts are still pretty saggy though. Do I... READ MORE

Should I get a breast lift or breast lift with implants? (Photo)

Hello. I'm a 29 yr old African American woman who has saggy breasts. I have no children. My current bra size is a 32G. My waist is 29in. I always had... READ MORE

Is it wise to get a breast lift under the age of 18?

At 16 years old my size is at a G and increasing. I am happy with the size I am but back and breast pains get quite severe, my boobs are not firm at... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast lift? (photos)

I'm 20 years old and I have extremely sagging breast which I hope to lift and reduce. I'm currently a 38 G/H but I don't have volume at the top, would... READ MORE

I'm 19 and want a breast lift. Is that even possible? (Photo)

When I was 15, 200lbs, joined soccer in HS, 170lbs. Went to college, gained freshman 15, then dropped again. My breasts have been on quite the journey... READ MORE

Can I Have a Lift with out a Reduction?

I am 46 and wear a 36 G, I want to have some sort of procedure to reduce the sagging. Can i have a lift with out a reduction? Can I have mine removed... READ MORE

Can a Breast Lift Have a Lasting Effect?

Am 20 years old. I lost 23 kgs over the past one and a half year. My size is 34G now. Stretch marks started to appear on my breasts since i was in the... READ MORE

Can I get away with a lift and auto augmentation? (Photo)

I've recently lost 70 lbs. With already having three kids (breastfed/all c sections) I'll obviously need a tummy tuck but my biggest question is about... READ MORE

Can I get a lollipop scar breast lift? The last pictures are what I would like my breast to look like. (photos)

I am 5.7 and i weight 125 pounds. Iam 41 soon 42. I know I have saggy breast. I want to avoid as much scars as possible while having a breastlift. I... READ MORE

Breast reduction or lift? (Photo)

I am currently wearing 38G bra . I have lost 146 lbs. I used to wear 50H before I lost my weight. I don't want small breasts but I would like smaller... READ MORE

Do I need a breast lift? (Photos)

Hello, I've just started the process of getting quotes for breast augmentation and a few doctors have suggested a lift as well. Im 27, with no... READ MORE

Will an anchor lift alone give me fullness in my upper chest? (photos)

I have always had large breasts! I am currently a 38G! I am 29 years old, I am 5'9 and 210lbs! After two back to back pregnancies my breasts have lost... READ MORE

Breast lift without implants. Will I be able to breast feed afterwards, and will I have scars?

Goodevening, i have a 32 G. i lost alot of weight and my breast are sagging. with a breast lift would i be able to breast feed ? will i have scars and... READ MORE

How will running affect scars post Breast lift?

I am 28, 32G with ptosis, lift scheduled for June. Anchor lift with potentially 100-150 grams removed. I run regularly and one half marathon/year. I... READ MORE

What factors determine whether I need an anchor lift or a lollipop?

I am 1 year status post benelli 400 mL silicone implants. I'm a 32G. My goal was to fill out extra skin after deflation and I wanted to be a D cup... READ MORE

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