Discoloration + Breast Lift

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Nipple Discoloration After Breast Lift

I had surgery 2 weeks ago my right nipple is fine. My left nipple came out purple now it is starting to get color but still has dark spots. My surgeon... READ MORE

Nipple Surviving After Necrosis, How Long Does It Take For The Nipple To Return To Its Normal Color?

Hi, after a breast lift my nipple turned black on the outer part of it. Eventually the black scab came off leaving my nipple pink. I have some color... READ MORE

DIscoloration, swelling, pain and firmness - Do I Have Fat Necrosis? (Photo)

Hi, im 27,non smoker. Had breast aug/lift with 700cc silicone unders on june 7th in another state, Had discoloration from the start and told multiple... READ MORE

Breast Lift not healing, loss of skin 2 - 3 inches wide/long. Will my skin grow back and close the area? (photos)

I had a breast lift on May 14, 2014 and my one breast did not heal as well as expected. My PS tells me to keep putting Neosporin and gauze on the... READ MORE

Can I cover my breast lift scars with permanent makeup soon after surgery?

First sorry i dont speak english very well :( hope you understand my Q I am planning to have breast lift, but i dont want Any discoloration or visible... READ MORE

Is this nipple discoloration normal? (photos)

I'm exactly 1 week post op of my anchor breast lift without implants. I got the gauze on my nipple taken off by my doctor today (Tuesday). It wasn't... READ MORE

Strip on nipple has lost colour and hardened, 6 weeks after breast lift - problem?

6 weeks post op for breast lift. To date all has been well. Left nipple now has a vertical strip approx 3mm wide running down along the inside section... READ MORE

Bruising and redness 6 weeks post breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast lift and reduction about 6 weeks ago and have been healing really well, the last few days though one part of my right areola scar has... READ MORE

Would I Need to Go Under Surgery Again to Correct Internal Scarring?

Had a TT breast lift with implants 3 months ago 14 days post op developed a large dark color around lower part of my left breast. small opening along... READ MORE

When do you need an anchor lift vs. a lollipop lift? What causes the areola to discolor/lighten during a breast lift? (Photo)

I am 47 years old and my breasts have really lost volume and are sagging since 3 kids and getting fit. My left breast has more sag than the right. Two... READ MORE

Complications from breast lift now requires medical tattooing. (photo)

I feel fantastic after my breast lift however I had a few complications which led to necrosis and a lot of loss of pigmentation to my left nipple... READ MORE

Blisters/ discoloration after breast lift (Photo)

It has been 2 weeks since my surgery. Due to difference in size, one breast was augmented while the other was lifted and augmented. The doctor noticed... READ MORE

Is this discoloration normal after a breast lift? (Photo)

I am 6 and a half weeks post open from my breast lift and I still have discoloration along the incision from my nipples to the anchor. Is this normal? READ MORE

Infection or hematoma? (Photos)

I had a breast lift April 6th. My rt breast is infected and is still healing, but there is a hard knot or lump in the right breast too. Could it be a... READ MORE

Scarring and discoloration issues after breast lift?

I had a lollipop breast lift w/ areola reduction & implants 3 months ago. I know it takes months for scars to settle, however I am having 3... READ MORE

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