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Previous Breast Reduction, Now in my 60's. I Am Considering a Lift. What Are my Options?

Are my options? My nipple is in the right place but the bottom of my breasts are sagging. READ MORE

Should a Healthy 60 Year Old Women Consider Having a Breast Lift and a Full Tummy Tuck Done in One Hospital Visit?

I was told because they are both long surgeries they should be performed one at a time .Blood clots were mentioned is this because of the lenght of... READ MORE

Breast lift with pacemaker: is this possible? (Photo)

Since developing, I have always hated my breasts. As you can see from the photos, they are flat against my rib cage and abdoman and nearly and one... READ MORE

I would like to know the cost of a Breast Lift (Photo)

I am 60, with 14 DD-E breasts. I would like to have nipples repositioned and breasts lifted. I simply wish to have some shape and height restored. READ MORE

I'm 55 and my breasts are sagging and I constantly have a rash underneath them. Would insurance pay for a breast lift?

How can I get the insurance company to pay for a breast lift due to the fact that I constantly have an infection or rash and waste my breath READ MORE

Where can I find a doctor for a breast lift near Hartford, Connecticut?

I am 60 years old and my breasts are very saggy loose skin would like to have them lifted and full what is recovery time and what would the cost be,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast lift? (Photos)

I'm 62 years old and I hate how my breast sag. I love to go braless but they hang on my belly .. READ MORE

Will a full mastopexy with a Seri internal bra give me a rounder, fuller shape than a mastopexy without Seri?

My 125 cc implants were placed high to give me fullness at the top of my breasts, but they need removed and at age 60, I don't want them replaced.... READ MORE

Can I get a breast uplift without getting implants even though I've lost significant upper volume? (Photo)

I'm 60 & 20 yrs ago had a breast red. 7 yrs ago, had a lumpectomy due to ADH. A surgeon consult 3 yrs ago resulted in being told I couldnt get an... READ MORE

Stitches opening under breast. Can I get a doctor to lift them back up and fix the stitches?

I am 56 , live in irvine. I am 5 ft and 110 pounds. Normal blood pressure. Any suggestions. I had several cysts in my breasts they were taken out . 5... READ MORE

Nipple necrosis?

Im 60 yr female wanting a breast lift. I had a breast reduction 42yrs ago then a lift over 20yrs ago. I had consulted with a surgeon who said that I... READ MORE

Had upper arm lift and boob lift, 7-13-2016 57 yrs old.

Left side oozing ,smells and hurts. I know it's painful procedure, and I'm sure age doesn't help. I returned for follow up 7/22/2016 next one is... READ MORE

Painful recovery after breast lift/unilateral reduction with strange sensations and extreme hypersensitivity?

I am 56 y/o and 23 days post-op. Since day 3 I've had strange surges resembling the let-down reflex of nursing every time I move my body or try to... READ MORE

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