Breast Implants Videos

Learn About the 1-Day Breast Augmentation Recovery Method

Dr. Mark Epstein describes the one-day recovery process, what it is and how he achieves it in contrast to the traditional methods of breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

New Silicone Breast Implant Options: Which Are Right for You?

Dr. Mark Epstein discusses the options of using silicone implants, round or shaped. Saline implants are not addressed here. VIEW NOW

The Importance of Determining Your Breast Implant Size Before Surgery

Dr. Mark Epstein explains why the operating room is not the place to determine implant size. He discusses strategies to determine implant size before the surgery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Malposition: How Can It Be Corrected?

Dr. Mark Epstein discusses the different types of malposition, as well as options to treat them. The use of internal scaffolds such as Seri and Galaflex are discussed. VIEW NOW

1-Day Recovery Breast Augmentation

Dr. Mark Epstein discusses the one-day recovery method of breast augmentation where 98% of patients do not ever feel the need to take narcotics. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Teardrop Anatomical MemoryShape Breast Implants

Dr. Aldo Guerra discusses the teardrop anatomical MemoryShape breast implants. These new MemoryShape breast implants have a highly cohesive gel and a new texturing technique to give women a high quality breast implant option. VIEW NOW

Round MemoryGel vs. Teardrop MemoryShape Breast Implants

Dr. Aldo Guerra discusses the differences between round MemoryGel breast implants and teardrop MemoryShape breast implants. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation Surgery: Round Silicone Implants Before & After (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Aviva Preminger performs a breast implant procedure using 210cc round silicone implants. A clip of the surgery is included in addition to before and after images. VIEW NOW

What Is the Hottest Trend in Breast Augmentation Right Now?

Dr. Michael Law discusses why smaller breast implant volumes are trending. Dr. Law has been performing breast augmentation surgery with smaller breast implants throughout his entire career. VIEW NOW

When Do Breast Implants Settle Into Place?

Dr. Otto Placik discusses when breast implants can be expected to settle into their place. He explains why it depends on many factors, including whether you have smooth or textured breast implants and what your breast size is prior to surgery. VIEW NOW

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How to Correct a Capsular Contracture

Dr. Steven Wallach discusses what a capsular contracture is, and what steps he takes to correct this issue. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation Before & After: What Are the Available Options? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Aviva Preminger discusses the various breast implant options available in the market. She also performs the procedure and includes a clip of a silicone implant placement with before and after photos. VIEW NOW


Watch How Breast Implants Are Placed (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Leif Rogers surgically placed 400cc breast implants underneath this woman's pectoral muscle to give her chest a more natural and aesthetic appearance. The results were enhanced by fat grafting around the implant. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift: With or Without Implants?

Dr. Michael Carlisle explains some helpful ways to decide whether you might want a breast lift alone or a breast lift with an implant. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains the Process: Breast Lift With Implants

Dr. Moises Salama explains how he performs a breast lift with implants, also more technically referred to as a mastopexy with augmentation. VIEW NOW

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