Breast Implants Videos

How to Come Prepared for Surgery Day

Dr. Vishnu Rumalla explains how to be prepared for the day of surgery and some items to bring with you as well. VIEW NOW

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Planning Your Breast Augmentation Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Chad Robbins explains the consultation process and demonstrates the procedure for breast augmentation with implants. VIEW NOW

How Much Do Gummy Bear Implants Cost?

Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa explains the cost of gummy bear implants, live with us at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: Implant Illnesses

Dr. Florence Mussat covers the concerns of illnesses associated with implants, live with us at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Consultations for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis gives an overview of what a typical breast augmentation consultation entails, live at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Cost of Saline Implant vs. Silicone Implants

Dr. Steve Vu explains the differences of costs between the two implants and the reasons behind it, live with us at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: When and Why Will I Need to Get a Revision?

Dr. Steven Vu joins us live at PSTM 2016 to talk about breast implant revision and the most common causes for why this procedure is done. VIEW NOW

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Selecting the Right Implant for Natural-Appearing Breasts

Dr. Todd B. Koch explains why an anatomic implant is the best choice for natural-looking breast enhancement, live with us PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, California. VIEW NOW

What's the Difference: Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

Dr. George Volpe joins us live at PSTM 2016, sharing his expertise on the difference of breast lift and breast augmentation procedures. VIEW NOW

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Having Realistic Expectations for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Dr. Joe Mlakar explains why some patients may not be satisfied with results because of unrealistic expectations. Dr. Mlakar also discusses how these expectations form and how they affect satisfaction after their procedure, live with us at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Problems With Choosing an Implant That Doesn't Fit Correctly

Dr. Jack Peterson describes taking appropriate breast measurements, emphasizing how important communication during a consultation is. He also covers problems with choosing an implant that does not fit correctly. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Breast Augmentation Experience: "I've Never Had Boobs My Whole Life"

Dr. Pramit Malhotra shares this video of a woman who underwent breast augmentation surgery with saline implants under the muscle, and is one week post-op. VIEW NOW

Reviewing Medical History Prior to Breast Implant Surgery

Dr. Tom J. Pousti's anesthesiologist covers this woman's medical history before her breast surgery. VIEW NOW


Breast Implants: Don't Focus on the cc's

Dr. Charles Galanis discusses one of the most common questions faced by plastic surgeons: how do we choose the right breast implant for each patient? He covers focusing on the look rather than cc's, bra sizers, goal photos, and 3-D imaging. VIEW NOW

Overview of the Recovery Process After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Charles Galanis helps patients understand what to expect during the recovery phase following breast augmentation including pain control, return to activity, and expectations of results. VIEW NOW

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