Breast Implants Videos

Volume Loss After Breastfeeding — The Doctor Explains This 38-Year-Old Woman's Breast Augmentation

Dr. Carlin Vickery presents this case study of a 38-year-old woman's breast augmentation after pregnancy. Learn about her procedure and see her before and after photos. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant Massage: Here's What You Need to Know

Post-op massage is crucial to keeping some implants soft. Learn which need this extra step of care and which don't, as described by Dr. Heather J. Furnas. VIEW NOW


What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Doctor Dana Goldberg explains what form-stable or "Gummy Bear" implants are and what advantages they have. VIEW NOW


Breast Milk After Implants: This Doctor Explains What to Expect

Dr. Mathew C. Mosher discusses the impact pregnancy has on implants. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation: What Type of Implant Is Best?

Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz simplifies the differences between breast implants and the pros and cons of each. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: What Size Implant Should I Choose?

Dr. Joe Gryskeiwicz shares practical tips on how to size yourself. Many measurements are taken and compared to the base diameter to best fit you and your "Wish-Boobs". VIEW NOW

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Saline and Silicone Implants

Dr. Wallach explains the pros and cons of each type of breast implant, as well as what to consider when evaluating your options. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: A Doctor Explains the Dual Plane Technique

Dr. Wallach explains the dual plane technique for breast augmentation procedures, how it is done, and whom this procedure can be helpful for. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift? Technology can Help You Decide

Dr. Steven Camp MD discusses how the use of 3D imaging during your consultation visit can help determine whether breast implants or a breast lift is right for you. VIEW NOW

Which Type of Implant is Right for You?

Dr. Camille Cash explains a variety of breast implant options and offers tips to help you determine which implant will give you your desired look so that you can make a confident and informed decision before surgery. VIEW NOW

Treating Surgical Scars With Embrace Scar Therapy

Learn how Dr. Nick Slenkovich's office uses Embrace Scar Therapy to reduce post-surgical scarring. The woman being treated has received breast implant removal and revision surgery with a breast lift. VIEW NOW


How is a Tuberous Breast Deformity Corrected?

Dr. Steven Wallach explains what a tuberous breast deformity is, as well as how to correct this issue and what to expect with surgery. VIEW NOW

The Breast Augmentation Journey in 1 Minute

Dr. Adam J. Oppenheimer briefly describes one woman's breast augmentation with 300cc high profile silicone implants placed through a crease incision in the dual plane position. VIEW NOW

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A Doctor Discusses Saline, Silicone and Ideal Breast Implants

Dr. Jeffrey E. Schreiber talks about the differences between the saline, silicone and structured Ideal breast implants. VIEW NOW

Cohesive Gel Silicone Implants: A Doctor Explains

Dr. Kevin Tehrani briefly discusses a breast augmentation using textured and shaped silicone implants, which are a good option for individuals without a lot of breast tissue. They mimic the shape of breasts and can provide a more natural result. VIEW NOW