Breast Implants Videos

Volume Loss After Breastfeeding — The Doctor Explains This 38-Year-Old Woman's Breast Augmentation

Dr. Carlin Vickery presents this case study of a 38-year-old woman's breast augmentation after pregnancy. Learn about her procedure and see her before and after photos. VIEW NOW


Breast Implant Massage: Here's What You Need to Know

Post-op massage is crucial to keeping some implants soft. Learn which need this extra step of care and which don't, as described by Dr. Heather J. Furnas. VIEW NOW


What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Doctor Dana Goldberg explains what form-stable or "Gummy Bear" implants are and what advantages they have. VIEW NOW


Breast Milk After Implants: This Doctor Explains What to Expect

Dr. Mathew C. Mosher discusses the impact pregnancy has on implants. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation: How to Find the Right Breast Implant

Live with us at PSTM 2016, Dr. Brian Kinney explains how to take measurements and what factors to consider when selecting your breast implant. VIEW NOW

What Factors Are Considered in the Cost of Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Sugene Kim discusses the costs of breast augmentation and what different factors go into this cost, live at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: Preventing Capsule Contraction

Dr. Sean Kelishadi explains his methods to help prevent the implant capsule from contracting, live with us here at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, California. VIEW NOW

3 Tips When Considering Breast Augmentation

Dr. Samir R. Shah sits down with us at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, California to share his expertise on what to expect and address when considering a breast surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Choosing the Right Implant Size for Your Body

Dr. Mossi Saliban discusses the process of selecting the correct implant fit for your chest, live here in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Are Breast Implants Painful?

Dr. Lily Lee joins us at PSTM 2016 and explains how pain is minimized in a breast implant procedure. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Answers: Choosing Your Breast Implant

Dr. John Paletta is with us live in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016 to help you understand the process of choosing a breast implant for your procedure. VIEW NOW

What to Expect: Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Oren Lerman explains the available options and procedures for breast reconstruction, live here in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Implant Enlarging Enhancement

Dr. Justin Yovino shares this procedure of a woman who successfully underwent a breast augmentation procedure and now wishes for more fullness. Saline implants are removed, pockets are modified, and 700 cc round silicone implants are placed. VIEW NOW

Breast Implants: Saline or Silicone?

Dr. John Pitman III joins us in Los Angeles for PSTM 2016 where he explains the differences between saline and silicone implants. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant Removal: Concerns and Risks

Dr. Athleo Louis Cambre joins us from PSTM 2016 to share his opinion on breast implants and removing them. VIEW NOW

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