Yellow + Breast Implants

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Breast Implants One Week Post Op Bruise? (photo)

Hi I was lifting my suitcase yesterday which was 12kg...about 20 pounds very carefully on the bus and had a muscle spasm... Could it have damaged the... READ MORE

I Have Soreness and Yellow Clear Fluid Coming from my Left Breast?

I have had silicone implants for about 7 years with capsules in both breast the past week 1/2 I have yellow clear fluid coming from my left breast and... READ MORE

I had silicone under muscle implants 4 weeks ago and I'm getting on and off drops of yellow fluid. Should I be nervous? (Photo)

I am 4 weeks post op and I am getting really nervous. I had silicon under the muscle implants and I am getting a tiny drop of yellow fluid on and off.... READ MORE

Is the yellow liquid floating in my urine a sign of a leak in my saline implant?

Last night, when I went to urinate, I noticed the yellow liquid floating in my urine, looks like gel or oil? I wasn't sure why, than I remembered... READ MORE

Could I Be Rejecting Implant?

I am having yellow clear drainage from right breast1 month post op from breast implants. site red inflamed no fever . been short of breath one week... READ MORE

Encapsulated breast leaking yellow to clear oily substance

Ok so my left Breast is encapsulated and has been since 4-6 months post op. I had them done March of last year. Yesterday for some odd reason I... READ MORE

Lipo Axilliary and Breast Large Volume Extreme Inequality of Drainage. Right Side Continuous Drainage To date 6 Days Postop?

But left side little drainage from day 2 seen yday r side as mentioned waterworks blood tinged yellow. I have saline breast implants... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post op and have what looks like a deep stitch that is absorbable that is leaking a tiny bit of yellow fluid.

I never get to see the liquid because by the time I take my bra off to shower it's dried onto the bra. Should I be worried? READ MORE

I had a BA 3 weeks ago. After, I noticed that I find spotting of blood and some yellowish substance - pus, maybe (Photo)

Today i started feeling some sharp pain from time to time and the i noticed like a small pinpoing opening with a small swelling near it . i contacted... READ MORE

Yellow ball after breast augmentation. What is this and how can I cure it? (Photo)

Good evening,I'm 20,and I've just got my breast augmentation in May 2013 (230cc).Everything went right and so did the healing.It's been couple of days... READ MORE

I Got my Implants 5 Days Ago and my Incisions Have Some Yellow Stuff Around Them. Is This Normal?

My PS told me not to use anything on my incisions until my one week check up but I am experiencing a bit of discomfort. It's the long weekend so I... READ MORE

What kind of discharge is ok and what kind indicates an infection?

I had a breast implant 12 days ago and on day 10 on of the incisions started leaking some yellowish discharge and on day 11 it became... READ MORE

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