Lipo Axilliary and Breast Large Volume Extreme Inequality of Drainage. Right Side Continuous Drainage To date 6 Days Postop?

But left side little drainage from day 2 seen yday r side as mentioned waterworks blood tinged yellow. I have saline breast implants under pectoral muscle for 20 years, with no problems. The breast look equally symetrical so far..still wondering why the difference in drainage. told doc that a glue like sub was present from the productive r/s clear and stretchable. Most of fat at ax some at top of chest. any concerns? Thank v much!

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Different drainage volumes from the two sides

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I don't think I am the only surgeon reading this who can't quite figure out what operation you had, whether or not you have drains, and what all the shorthand in your question means.


I can say that it is not at all uncommon the see differing amounts of drainage when surgery is done on two sides. So long as you maintain your symmetry, and the side draining less is not increasing in size, I don't think you should be concerned. Do follow up with your surgeon.

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