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How Much Weight Do Breast Implants Add?

I'm 5'7", 160 lbs, and I want to go to a 36D cup size. I'd like to know how much weight I'll gain once I have breast implants. READ MORE

Can SUPER Large Breast Implants Lead to Weight Gain? the body tries to compensate for out of whack body symmetry - I've been told that it was inevitable to gain weight in trunk and legs when one... READ MORE

Breast Implants for Diabetics?

How will a sudden and significant weight gain caused by diabetes influence ones eligibility for breast implants? READ MORE

Weight Gain Associated with Extra Large Implants?

I am getting a breast reduction and lift along with new breast implants to about a size D. The HUGE (implants I have now on my 5'2" 120 lbs... READ MORE

Can I Transfer Fat to my Breast

Mom of 2, 5'9 180 lbs.after being on steroids for 15months I've gained 40lbs .Recently lost 15lbs .It is so hard to loose the the weight ,even... READ MORE

5kg (11 lbs) weight gain after breast augmentation. Is this normal?

Help? Ive gain 5kg in 6 days post op..375 cc plus nipple lift..still taking pain relief as nipples are sore..eating less due to tiredness.... READ MORE

Heart rate after 3 weeks post breast augmentation?

I have been feeling a little down from all of the weight gain post surgery and I have an herbal supplement that helps me shed the excess 5-10 lbs... READ MORE

What kind of symptoms will you get with an inflammatory response from your breast implants?

Ever since my surgery my health has been declining. I was a very healthy fit woman. I have gained 10 pounds, swollen joints, fatigue and weakness,... READ MORE

Can my Problem Be Sorted? Rippling/discomfort

I had 340cc implants over the muscle and have severe rippling on 1 breast. i was quite empty pre-op. I experience discomfort and shooting pains on... READ MORE

To Boob or Not to Boob? What are valid reasons NOT to get breast implants?

A person know why they want to get a boob job, but they are wondering what are some health and psychological reasons against getting one? More... READ MORE

Is weight gain after implants normal?

I have had saline implants (360 under the muscle) for a little over 10 weeks now and am loving my results. However, I have gained about 6 lbs since... READ MORE

Significant weight gain post op, trying to understand it. How much would it be estimated that my 400cc implants weigh?

My breast augmentation was Friday morning. Today I am 48 hours post op. I had semi solid shaped 400 cc implants on each side. The day before my... READ MORE

Weight gain/ healing (Photo)

I'm now 3 weeks post op.. I'm very concerned about the weight gained in 3 weeks, the day of my surgery I weighed 111 pounds and the next morning I... READ MORE

Is it safe to keep ruptured implants in or must they be removed ASAP? (Photo)

MRI shows intracapsular ruptures in both breasts, I am 57, have 25 yr old Dow Corning implants, want them out, 1 PS said I won't like the look and... READ MORE

Saline Breast augmentation in 2008. Is it leaking?

Right breat filled 510cc NS and left breast filled 540cc NS. Left breast now appearing smaller than right. Is it leaking. I have put on 45 lbs too.... READ MORE

Weight loss causing breast implant rippling?

6 years ago I got 450 cc, saline, over the muscle implants. Everything healed great. when I had the surgery done I was 150 lbs with large enough... READ MORE

I gained 3 kg 4 days after breast implant surgery. Should I be worried?

Hi I'm 4 day recovery after breast implants surgery the good new is that I'm not in much pain . bad news is I gained 3 kg and I'm also constipated is... READ MORE

I would like to make a change of placement of my implants from under the muscle to dual plane for a better cleavage.

I have put on weight and I am thinking and over the muscle also, but am afraid of capsule contracture. Will dual plane help for more natural look? I... READ MORE

Should I gain weight in order to have a better natural look for my breast implants? (Photos)

I'm so scary about my breast getting stretchmarks or looking too fake because I do not have enough breast tissue. I'm 5feet and 6 inches with 108... READ MORE

Sore breasts when waking up in the morning a year after breast augmentation

For the past month I've been waking up with sore breasts. I had a breast augmentation a year and a half ago. I have 500cc silicone implants u see the... READ MORE

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