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2 Months After BA, Implants Too High, Too Far Apart...will They Drop? Did I Choose Wrong Implant? (photo)

I had HP 500cc smooth silicone implants placed under the muscle, crease incision, 8 wks ago. I chose HP b/c I had a small BWD (11.5cm), but a large... READ MORE

I'm Unhappy With My Breast Size After Surgery. Will They Continue To Grow?

I had a breast lift with augmentation and ended up with a 36c, and I'm almost 1 month post op and unhappy. will i get bigger with the 400cc i... READ MORE

Did I Pick Completely the Wrong Implant Size? They Feel Too Small.

Hi, I am 5'11, 140 pounds, and just had breast augmentation 7 weeks ago. My original goal was a natural looking, well proportioned look that... READ MORE

Drooping of Breasts and Implants Plus Stretch Marks 5 Months Post Op. Very Unhappy, What Are My Options?

I had implants 4/11, I am 5 months post op, and noticed a gradual "drooping" between 3 & 5 months post op as well as awful stretch marks... READ MORE

Regarding Breast Implant Removal. What is the Best Time Frame for Explantation?

I am only a week post-op but fear I made a huge mistake. What is the best time frame for removal for the least amount of trauma to the breast (sooner... READ MORE

What is Going on Here? My Breast Look Fake and Distorted. (photo)

I am very sad to say how unhappy I am w/the outcome of my implants. This is what they look like holding my hands above my head, they fall awkward and... READ MORE

I Am Concerned About my Implants. Are They Going to Settle In? Why Do They Appear Saggier then Before Surgery to Me? (photo)

They were so full after surgery and they seem to just be deflating, looking saggy, and they have a weird shape from the side. I am just wondering if... READ MORE

34B to 30GG, and Don't Have the Cleavage I Want. 3 Months Post-Op, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I am coming up to 12 weeks since I had my op. Before surgery I was a 34B. I had 525g overs, I went to get properly measured 2 weeks ago and i am... READ MORE

Not Too Happy with my Implant Size

I am 5'5'' and weigh 120 lbs. I had 304 cc silicone unders 4 months ago. I had lost fullness after my pregnancies and losing weight so I... READ MORE

Why Did my Breast Implant Drop and Become Exposed Through my Skin?

A few days after surgery my left breast developed an infection which was subsequently removed and replaced after a three month period. Approx. one... READ MORE

Dr. Used the Natrelle 240 Gr Cohesive Silicone Gel Texturized Full Projection Implants I Wanted a Natural Look but Dont? (photo)

I breast fed 3 babies was 32 a cup and wanted a 32 b cup natural looking. doctor suggested the 240 g implants for my body. my breast look good in... READ MORE

Right Silicone Implant is Smaller Than Left

Right Silicone Implant is Smaller Than Left.  Doctor Refused to Go Bigger on Right. Looks  awful. At my pre-op appointment, I told him that... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op 250 Cc Saline Unders Dont Look Fake?

Im 3 weeks post op i am 5 foot 2 around 105 lbs i like the look of "fake boobs" where u can see the outline of the bag esp at the top part,... READ MORE

What is the Difference in 325cc and 350cc in a Breast Implant? Why Would a Doctor Choose 325cc over 350cc for Big Breasts?

I tried on sizes and picked 350cc. The doctor told me that would bring me to a full c or a small d. I told him I did not want to be a "d" so... READ MORE

My implants are low (post-op 2weeks) and their not look the same, what can I do? (photos)

My SR believes they are the same and he couldn't put them higher,but I'm not satisfied with the result ,they are too low,is there anything I can do?? READ MORE

I am so unhappy and sad with the result. Can barely see myself in the mirror. Can it get better with time? (Photo)

I was operated for five weeks ago. 320 in each breast, under the muscle. I had a hint of tubular breast. I am so unhappy and sad with the result. Can... READ MORE

Tear drop implant over muscle 335cc unhappy with results 6 weeks post op - what are my options?

Breast fed 3 kids, breasts were not saggy but felt flat at top and skin was soft previously 32 b now 32e After surgery my breast look distorted when... READ MORE

Unhappy with Saline Breast Implants after Breast Reduction, they are way too big what can I do? (photos)

I use to have huge breast I had breast reduction in 2010. Later didn't like the look of breast they had no volume. So I had BA Dec 2012 now I'm... READ MORE

After 40 Days from Silicon Breast Implant Can I Replace It by Natural Fat Injection As This Silicon Not Looking Good at All?

After 40 Days from Silicon Breast Implant Can I Replace It by Natural Fat Injection As This Silicon Not Looking Good at All READ MORE

Can Implant Size Be Doubled?

In December I went through the removal of tissue expanders and having the implants put in. I recieved a lat flap on one side and. They inserted 550cc... READ MORE

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