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Breast Tattoo Safe with Breast Implants?

I have breast implants and would like to have a tattoo that covers my left breast. Is this dangerous? I've had the implants for 4 years. READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants if I Have a Tattoo Below my Breast?

I absolutely hate my breast and plan on getting breast augmentation. I do not mind if the tattoo becomes larger/ stretches. I am just concerned about... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tattoo 3 Days Post- Breast Augmentation?

Would It Be Ok to Get a Tattoo 3 Days After Breast Implants on my Forearm? READ MORE

Will Tattoo Removal Affect Breast Implants?

I am considering Breast Augmentation, but I have tattoos on my breast, about the size of three fingers on each. I plan on having them removed by laser... READ MORE

Will Breast Implants Ruin a Tattoo on Upper Rib Cage?

I want to get a tattoo on my upper rib cage (3 inches below my armpit), but I am worried that when I get breast implants ( from A to full C), that... READ MORE

Will Getting a Breast Tattoo Cause my Saline Implants to Deflate?

I recently got saline under the muscle implants a few days ago. I like them. I chose saline so I could get the scarless breast augmentation via TUBA.... READ MORE

Is covering up my inframammary incision scar safe with a tattoo? Also I feel a little rippling below my right breast.

I'm currently at my 8 month mark from a breast augmentation. I've decided to get silicone with the inframammary incision process. I don't mind the... READ MORE

Will Implants Affect Tattoo Right Below my Bra Line on my Ribcage?

Its pretty small, the hawaiian islands on the right side of my ribcage right below my bra line. READ MORE

Tattoo for nipple?

The tattooing on my breast reconstruction which formed the nipple is getting very pale. Can someone recommend a dr. in Toronto or Manhattan where they... READ MORE

Will a Larger Implant Effect my Tattoo? Should It Be Placed Under the Muscle? (photo)

I will be using gummy bear implants (with a lift) and I wish to achieve a high round profile. I am aiming for a DD. I am currently a C cup. I was... READ MORE

Will my tattoo be stretched if I get Breast Implants? (photos)

I would like to get 300 cc moderate plus silicone implants. Will this ruin my tattoo? Would you recommend a smaller size so it will not stretch as much? READ MORE

Can I get a chest tattoo before my breast augmentation? (Photo)

I am looking to get my tattoo sometime this week and my surgery wont be until next month or so. i attached a pic of what to get and a pic of my chest... READ MORE

Will 500 or 550 ccs affect my tattoo? (photo)

Attached is the tattoo I have on my side. My BA is scheduled, but I forgot to ask my PS if my desired size (either 500 or 550 ccs) will alter my... READ MORE

Will my tattoo be affected with breast implants? (photo)

I have been wanting to get breast implants but i have been putting it of due to my tattoo and i am worried that it will stretch and move onto my... READ MORE

Any possible way a breast augmentation could cover my tattoo? Too scared to get removed! (photo)

Silly question but it is even possible? Or would i have to get it removed or add on to the other side? READ MORE

Petite 23 yo, 5'4, 107. Will my tattoos cause issues? Can I achieve a rounder shape? Will my areolas get larger, 300cc? (Photo)

Took measurements to help- 28 in ribcage, ~12 in across to each breast end (11 if I hold straight infront), 1 1/2 in from bottom of areola to crease.... READ MORE

Will breast implants alter my tattoo? (Photo)

I'm looking into getting breast implants but I don't want them to alter my tattoo. I don't know what size implants, but I'm looking to go from an A to... READ MORE

Tattoo before implants?

Is it okay to have a tattoo before having breast implants ? if yes how much time do you recommend to leave before doing the implants? READ MORE

What's going to happen to my tattoos after implants? (Photo)

I got these when I was 17 and was a full C, then had 3 kids and now I'm a deflated C (still in a C bra just with padding lol)looking into 500cc ideal... READ MORE

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