Tape + Breast Implants

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Should I Apply More Tape or Leave It Be? Will It Affect My Healing? (photo)

I had surgery exactly a week ago on my breasts. I has 450cc put in both breasts and had a aerola reduction on my right nipple.My doctor placed tape... READ MORE

Can an over Cut Pocket Heal Back Together by Taping?

I had BA ten days ago. After five days the left breast was sitting to too low. The nipple too high. The surgeon agreed, he said the pocket on the left... READ MORE

Can I Wear Compression Tape Around my Breasts Instead of a Compression Bra for a Day? How Tight?

I am a weeks and a half out of surgery 325cc under arm and muscle and need to get a spray tan for work and don't want strap lines, so was... READ MORE

Is having chest taped for 8 days after breast augmentation a normal recovery method? (Photo)

My BA: 285cc / 320ccL, silicone, transaxillary, anatomical. My PS taped me up very tightly for 8 days following. It's so hard to breathe/move, and I... READ MORE

When to remove surgical tape? (Photo)

Had a BA a week ago and my DR used periareolar incision. How long should you leave the tape on that's places over the incision ? I've notice there is... READ MORE

Can I correct an oversized breast implant 3/4 weeks post op? (Photo)

My left implant is higher than my right implant. My surgeon told me to do exercises to push the left implant down, but I think the problem is that the... READ MORE

Compression bra 5 days post op (Photo)

I had an allergic reaction to post op tape and had to remove it ( contacted surgeon and they confirmed this was fine) However...when they suggested a... READ MORE

Please tell me my boobs won't point down forever. Will they look normal again? (Photo)

Implants placed -3/2013, 400, silicone and under muscle. A year later, I noticed that my implants were dropping lower and lower, which didn't look... READ MORE

Tape on my incision, how long should it stay there ? (Photo)

I had my surgery on January 13th and I saw my doctor on January 18th for my first post op appointment. I thought he had taken the tape off and he... READ MORE

My incisions are crusty and gunky from tape. Can I clean them off? Should I put a bandaid over them? (Photo)

I took my tape off tonight like dr said I could and my insitions are kinda crusty and gunky from tape and stuff can I clean them off if do with what... READ MORE

BA areola incision tape removal? Possible infection risk? Is incision healing properly? (Photo)

Breast augmentation was done 3 weeks ago. I emailed dr office and was told I could remove tape, get area wet as long as I dried it and sprayed... READ MORE

Tape removed for 2nd time (my first time of doing it) 11 days post-op and scab has lifted

I removed my tape for the first time by myself today and, although the right incision is closing nicely with no scanning, the left incision's scab has... READ MORE

Tape around breasts. No surgical or sports bra recommended yet. 400cc subfascial. Will they still drop and soften? (Photo)

5 days ago i had my surgery. My ps did not reccomend a bra however he put this tape around the breasts. i was wondering if this is a common technique... READ MORE

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