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What Can You Do to the Stitches Not Dissolved After Breast Implants

Removal 8 wks out already. Most of stitches are gone except for the end part. It puffs up like a pimple, in purple color and had pus in it. My doctor... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Torn an Internal Stitch from my Breast Implants?

I am 2.5 wks post op and was crawling on the floor to get something and felt a snap at the outside of my right incision and now the scar bump is... READ MORE

Are There Internal Stitches Used in Breast Augmentation? I Had Mine 6 Days Ago and Felt a Tear but See No Outward Signs.

I had 300 CC silicone implants via areolar incision and am 6 days post-op. I feel great and have no pain from the swelling anymore but sometimes when... READ MORE

One of my Dissolvable Stitches from Breast Augmentation is Poking Out?

One of the stitches is sticking out and is rubbing against my bra and causing extreme discomfort. it is not infected but i can see two of them... READ MORE

I pulled a long white string out of my nipple after Breast Augmentation. Will I be okay? (photos)

I am two weeks post op for my breast implants with a lift and I noticed a white string sticking out of my nipple so when I sanitized a tweezers and... READ MORE

6 weeks post op, my breast have sunken and flat appearance of the nipples? Is this normal? (photos)

I have silicone, breast implants placed under the muscle six weeks ago with areola incision. They look great with the exception of my right... READ MORE

Internal Stitches to Prevent Bottoming out - Normal?

My PS told me after I woke up from my first BA that he put in internal stitches in to prevent bottoming out, is this common for doctors to do? Thanks... READ MORE

Breast Implants Incision Reopened After Stitches Taken out

Breast implants removed 1-19-2010. 2 weeks after stitches removed, incision has reopened. Dr. says he can't stitch it that it has to heal inside out.... READ MORE

Does it look like my breast are starting to drop n fluff? Still don't know what it means. (photos)

I had the stiches out today feel so much better. Do my breast 500cc textured silicone look like they are "fluffing". My ps and gp advised me of... READ MORE

Should I request implant be removed? Is it common practice to re-suture an infected and exposed implant? (photos)

After 5 days in the hospital for infection, my doctor told me my implant was exposed. He said he just needed to stitch up the opening. My husband and... READ MORE

Stitch Sinus After Breast Lift and Implant. What Should I Do About it?

Next week I will be one month post op, I got absorbable stitches , and there one one place where there is a hole deep and when I touch it its like the... READ MORE

My doctor cut too much off my left breast, making it almost impossible for my wound to heal. Do I need another surgery? (Photo)

Had surgery done 2 months ago initially my right breast was bigger than my left because of breastfeeding. doc measure me like 3 times ended up putting... READ MORE

Topless dancer with stitches, do I have to wait until my stitches come out? (Photo)

I got my silicone implants about 3 weeks ago. My doctor gave me the O.K to go back to work as long as I don't do any lifting or pole tricks. My... READ MORE

Splitting Stitches and Breasts Have a Gap: Am I Bottoming Out? (photo)

I feel like they are gapped and the left breast is bottoming out! Am I right? I'm spitting stitches like crazy too.. Hate that I still have stretch... READ MORE

Can I cut the knot off my stitches?

The knots at the end of my stitches after my breast implants are annoying and my doctor told me it will fall off in a month or 2 but I am annoyed and... READ MORE

Is it normal to have this white pus on my stitches? (Photo)

Im 3 weeka post op. My bandage coming off so i change. It. I notice this white pus. Only on left side. Right was great. READ MORE

What To Do About Breast Pain 1 Year After Stitching Pocket

I've had my implants for about 6 years, but last year I had stitches added to the breast pockets to make the implants sit closer. Everything... READ MORE

PS out of state. Any NYC surgeons that can take a look just to make sure I'm healing properly? (Photo)

I've been using Google/realself for post op research. Sent my PS pics which I feel his nurses reviewed, not him. He's too busy to speak which bothers... READ MORE

Can the Internal Stitches from BL/BA Puncture Implants?

Can the internal stitches from BL/BA poke through the implant? It seems these stitches that do NOT dissolve could puncture the implant like a needle... READ MORE

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