One of my Dissolvable Stitches from Breast Augmentation is Poking Out?

One of the stitches is sticking out and is rubbing against my bra and causing extreme discomfort. it is not infected but i can see two of them sticking out. It has been 3 weeks since my augmentation and I dont think that i can wait weeks for this to disappear. what are my options. I am also afraid if it is snipped shorter will it then continue to grow out and possibly this time get infected?

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Protruding stitch

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At three weeks, you have gained about 60 - 80% of your normal tissue strength. If you were my patient, I would probably tell you that you could clip the stitch with a nail clipper or small scissors.  Since you are not my patient, I would tell you to check with the doctor who did your surgery before doing this.

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Trimming Stitches After Breast Augmentation

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    Stitches that are visible and poking the skin may be trimmed if necessary.  I usually have the patients come in and see me prior to doing this. 

Sutures Coming to the Surface

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I would advise that you see your plastic surgeon about this issue.  He/She will make the best determination about how to remedy the situation.  I would not advise that you clip them. 

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Stitch Issue after Breast Augmentation?

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As you can imagine, your plastic surgeon is your best resource; call his/her office and seek and/or follow-up.

 Best wishes.

Protruding sutures following breast augmentation

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As you have been advised, typically your plastic surgeon is the best resource for answers to this question. In the meantime, you could put a bandaid over the stich to help it from snagging on things or a small piece of tape will work the same.


I hope this helps you and good luck


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