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What Causes Frankenboobs Aka Spongebob Squareboobs? (photo)

I am 4 days post-op from a BA (425 and 475 HP silicone implants, dual plane, inframammary incisions) and have the dreaded squareboobs. My surgeon said... READ MORE

10 Days out from Surgery and Nipples Still Pointing Down and Breasts Look Slightly Square. Is This Normal?

I am 10 days postop and concerned about the squareness of my breasts. My nipples still seem to point somewhat downward as well. I trust my surgeon and... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Avoid a Squarish Looking Breast Shape when Having a Breast Lift?

I've been looking at before and after photos of breast lifts and I have noticed that quite a few of them have a boxy shape on the underside of the... READ MORE

Day 2 Post Op, Implants Look Rectangular Instead of Round. Will They Fill in After 3 Months? (photo)

I am orignally 34 C and wanted 34DD. I went with silicone 425 cc's. High Profile... READ MORE

Still so square and high for week 3, is this normal? Also so small for having implants. (Photo)

Augmentation: November 21. Started at 32/34A; BW 13.5. Received silicone under muscle 375cc. Do they look normal for week 3? They seem so high and... READ MORE

Why does my implants look square? (photos)

Why does my implantz look square are i dont no whar shape its been 5 days after surgery but im concerned about the size and shappe i wanned bigger... READ MORE

When will my breasts drop and fluff and look round and not big and square? (photos)

I had ba surgery just shy of 4 wks ago. I had 385L and 450R high profile round saline implants submuscular. They are still very high and hard on top... READ MORE

Is there anything, other than a revision, that can be done about the squared edge of my breast? (Photo)

I had breast augmentation a little over a year ago, 400cc silicone gel, under muscle. I'm pretty happy with my results over all. However, when I wear... READ MORE

Is it normal too have some pain 1 month post augmentation? Is it normal they are still squarish? (Photo)

Iam one month post opp , on top of muscle still have some pain in right breast and still don't feel apart of me is that normal and is it normal they... READ MORE

After breast augmentation, why do women have tubular or square, and very high type swelling?

After breast augmentation, why do women have tubular or square, and very high type swelling? Even when insertion of the implant is inframammery? Also,... READ MORE

My breasts look odd, uneven and squarish on the sides but round on bottom. Will this resolve? (Photo)

I am about 19 days post surgery. I know you have to wait 3 months until you really determine and all but they seem so obviously asymmetrical that even... READ MORE

Weirdly square upper pole, etc.? 2 months post. Natrelle anat. partial unders. SuperTight surg.bra 1st week. No bandeau (Photo)

Noticed imm. on first morn. post-op my left breast had slipped in a strange angle and was protruding from ribcage. Got new surg.bra+sown-in bandeau.... READ MORE

Minor square shape on breast? (Photo)

Three days post op, everything looking okay? My right breast hurts more than the left but I cannot feel my left nipple only my right has feeling lol.... READ MORE

Breast Implant Square Angle 9 Months Post Op. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 9 months post op with smooth silicone sub-muscular implants of 550 cc. About a month ago I noticed that I could feel my implant on the lower... READ MORE

Why does my right breast look square from side while laying down? (photos)

I have a rather large space between my breasts and my right nipple is always popping out of my bras. Algerian 410 anatomical, 350 cc with lollipop... READ MORE

Will my breasts even out? (Photo)

I like how my breast without the steri strips look I love the roundness and projection and it's only been 9 days! But the other one still looks square... READ MORE

Is the squared appearance normal 6 weeks post op? (Photo)

Wondering if this squared boob is normal? Only looks squared from the side and the bottom of my breast feels empty still more so on my left breast..,... READ MORE

Weirdly square upper pole, etc? 2 months post-op. Natrelle 410 anatomical partial unders. (Photo)

Thx again for answers and confirming my suspicions that part of problem Might be not only malpos. of implant in wrong tilted angle, but also it being... READ MORE

What size implants would fit my body type? (photos)

I'm taking the steps to get a breast augmentation but would really love to have some doctors opinions first. After kids my breast went to a small flat... READ MORE

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