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How Much Pressure Can Saline Breast Implants Withstand?

I'm kinda into rough sex and wanted to know how much pressure can be applied to saline implants. READ MORE

What Should I Do if the Implants Are High but the Band is Causing Pain?

(10 days after surgery) I am 5'4, thin. 400cc sillicon smooth implants were placed under the muscle (surgery under the breast). The band preassure... READ MORE

What Would Cause Pressure/pain on Breast Crease? 450cc, Saline Under Muscle, Crease Incision? (photo)

I posted a "?" a few wks ago w/ pics regarding a concern with "bottoming out" of my left implant. 3 dr. on this site, as well as my PS, assured me... READ MORE

Breast Implant Moves when I Run? (photo)

Augmented 4 months ago. When I flex my muscles, left side has a dent on inner bottom corner and implant bulges out. right side I can feel the implant... READ MORE

Will my Implant Rupture from Pressure of Laying on and Reaching Down off Side of Bed?

I am about 2 weeks post-op under the muscle saline 350 cc. I was laying on my chest and put even more force on one breast leaned over on an angle as I... READ MORE

Chest Discomfort 1 1/2 Year After Breast Implants - Please Help!

I have a feeling of chest pressure when laying on my stomach in bed and also feel a sore pain when my breasts are squeezed, even just a little. My... READ MORE

Can a Seat Belt Cause Breast - Saline Implant to Swell?

In minor automobile accident - hit from behind - seat belt tightened on lft breast causing soreness. Breast began to swell - massaging caused mild... READ MORE

I was wondering if I would be still covered under the warranty? I have Capsular Contracture with one of my implants.

I had implants put in 3 months ago. I am having a problem with the left breast. My doctor told me after 3 months that I have Capsular Contracture. I... READ MORE

Strange Sensations 6 Years After Breast Implants, What's Causing the Feeling of Fluid and Pressure?

6 years ago I had saline breast implants over the muscle put in, in the past year I have felt what seems like fluid and air underneath my left imlant.... READ MORE

How Durable Are Breast Implants?

I am taking a martial arts class where a partner punches a chest level pad that i am holding. The degree of pressure depends on the partner's practice... READ MORE

Waking Up Gasping for Air Because Breast Implant Causing Pressure?

I had breast implants done 3 months ago, everything been fine until recently. I wake up constantly gasping for air no matter what positon I am in. It... READ MORE

If my Husband Lies on Top of Me and His Weight Squashes my Breasts Down, Might my Implants Burst?

If my husband lies on top of me and his weight squashes my breasts down, might my implants burst? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Tenderness Raw Feeling on the Bottom of Your Breast?

Hello I am Diane & i've had my implants for about a year and a half now and i am now feeling some tenderness/rawness on the bottom of my left... READ MORE

My RBreast Swollen--19 years after Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

Felt incredibly sick, sever flu-like symptoms (popping joints, aching shoulders, chest pressure, popping middle of back), feel some better, now on... READ MORE

My Left 16 Yr. Old Saline Implant Sometimes Gets Stuck in Upper Pocket with Certain Pressure. Help ? (photo)

Ex: If I am bending over and my arm pushes on my implant, it moves up like normal and then actually has stayed in the uppper pocket. I have to lightly... READ MORE

Got 800 cc HP implants and they feel too big sometimes? (Photo)

In July I got my 800 cc implants originally I was a b cup and now am measuring at a 34g a lot bigger than I expected :(. I feel like my body cannot... READ MORE

Hives Post Breast Augmentation?

I broke out in hives a week post surgery and had to be put on Medrol dose pack. It is now four days later, my hives are mostly gone and I am just... READ MORE

Pressure at Base of Breast Implants

Possible bottoming out or capsular contraction after 3 weeks - 5'8,115lbs,32aa w/350cc saline. I've noticed that my right breast is... READ MORE

What Are the Chances That Cabin Pressure of a Plane Completely Deflating my Leaking Saline Implant?

I have 5 year old saline implants, I the last 2 months there has been a size decrease in my right breast, my surgeon is 99.9%sure that I have a very... READ MORE

Redness on lower part of breast. Is it from the pressure of the strap pushing the implant down? (Photo)

I went back to the ps surgeon and had them show me how to wear the band on my chest again and apparently I wasn't wearing it tight enough. Well this... READ MORE

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