Would my incision heal better if I switch to comfortable sports bra from surgical bra? I'm 10 days post-op.

I'm 10 days post-op (400cc overs). 5 days ago my very tight surgical bra put too much pressure on the right inframmary incision and caused pain and a little bleeding. At first I didn't get that the bra caused it but as soon as I realized it ( since yesterday) I switched to sports bras, which fit way better. Will my incision heal by itself, even if it's a little traumatized? I'm feeling way better now since there's no pressure anymore.

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Follow your plastic surgeon’s advice for the recovery period.

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I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some discomfort and bleeding following your breast augmentation. However, I would recommend following the advice you were given by your plastic surgeon prior to the procedure. At 5 to 10 days post-op, it’s normal to experience some discomfort and pressure. It’s important to give your body time to heal, and to do what you can to help it on its way. If you feel that the surgical bra is causing undue pain and preventing the incision from healing, you should contact your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to have things checked over and ensure that your recovery goes well and best results are achieved. 

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Post op bra

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I like sports bras a lot for post op healing. Any bra that gives support with a little compression and no digging into the incision is a good choice. Make sure your surgeon is okay with your change. Good luck.

Will heal

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Your incision will heal and will disappear.  I would wear what your surgeon recommends.  I prefer a sports bra that zips in the front.

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nana Mizuguchi, MD

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