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How Does Sizing Affect a Low Profile Implant?

I want a very natural look and have little breast tissue. My PS suggested a LP silicone implant that seems wider than my breast base, but I know that... READ MORE

Exchanging 350cc for 250cc Breast Implants with Minor Breast Lift?

I am 5'6" and 119lbs. I am small boned. I currently have 350cc's low profile Breast implants and feel I look to top heavy. I wanted to have the... READ MORE

435cc or 380cc Breast Implants for Deflated D Cups?

My Breast Augmentation surgery is due next week and I've been told I need low profile, 435cc or 380cc implants. I think I'm going for the bigger ones.... READ MORE

Difference Between Allergan Style 15 and Style 40 Breast Implants?

I am having Breast implant replacement after 25 years because of capsular contracture, probably a leak, on one side. I want to go smaller, from 420cc... READ MORE

Did I pick an implant too small? (Photo)

I wanted to remain small and the sizers of the 270g that the doctor recommended seemed huge. I wanted to be a B but now 3 weeks post op when swelling... READ MORE

Breast Implant Profile for Very Petite Frame?

Recently booked myself in to have breast augmentation. I'm confused as to why my surgeon has recommended that I have 300 cc's low profile as I am very... READ MORE

Does my Right Breast Just Need to Drop? (photo)

Hi. I am 3 weeks post op. I had 350cc CUI low profile silicone implants and am a little worried about the difference in my breast shape and size. My... READ MORE

Need Help Asap Figuring out if I Need 210 Cc Low Profile or 240 Cc Low Profile? (photo)

I currently am a B cup with sag. I have surgery next week and am deciding between 210cc low profile silicone and 240 low. I really don't want to be... READ MORE

I don't NEED augmentation but I want bigger breasts. Are natural looking implants possible for me? (Photo)

I live my volume now & where they sit on my chest but I just want bigger breast. I'm 5'3 125lbs, I wear a 32c and my chest diameter from armpit to... READ MORE

High profile or low profile? What is better for me? (Photo)

Hi. I'm a mom of 3. 5'5, 110 lbs, 13cm breast width, 34A. I've been to two consultations. One doctor told me to go with low profile to get the... READ MORE

May have C.C. in right breast. 6 years PO, 300cc low profile, submuscular. (Photo)

I have an appt. tomorrow to see if the firmness in righty is b/c of C.C., that I'm currently nursing, or something else. If it is C.C. I think it's... READ MORE

Breast implant size for a tall thin woman?

I am 5'10" 123 lbs and I've nursed several children. I have selected a board certified plastic surgeon. I am waffling between 2 sizes: 325 moderate... READ MORE

Is the asymmetry in my breasts normal? 4 days post-op (Photo)

I'm 4 days post op and I'm wondering if the asymmetry in my breasts is normal? I got 160cc low profile in left and 195 mod in my right because my... READ MORE

Is this the right implant for me?

I'm having a BA in 3 weeks. My doctor has recommended 210-240cc low profile silicon placed subglandular. I'm wanting a natural look but at the same, a... READ MORE

Allergan Low Profile Implant - What is the Maximum Amount I Can Have it Filled?

What is the maximum amount that an Allergan low profile saline implant can be filled? READ MORE

Profiles! High, low, moderate? In Laymen terms. What are the aesthetic differences? How can I achieve the look I like? (Photo)

"wish boobs"picts are moderate plus round or gummy. My info: fair skin tone, Fitzpatrick III.chest measures 32.75” ,shoulders are even and there are n... READ MORE

Why don't I see any low profile breast implants with high CCs? (Photo)

I want to get a very natural looking augmentation but can not seem to find any before and after photos of women who have gotten low profile implants... READ MORE

Low profile implants? (Photo)

I am a 35yr old mother to 3 children. I nursed them all and am left quite deflated from my 32c cup. At present I am petite: 5'1", 95-98lbs, 30-32A/B... READ MORE

Can you replace round silicone implants with anatomicals?

I'm not happy with the way my low profile round implants look (like flat pancakes stuck on my chest). Is it possible to have a revision and replace... READ MORE

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