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Pain and Itching from Saline Breast Implants

Hi, I have had a number of problems with my left breast over the past year. I have 8 year old saline filled implants. I started developing a lot of... READ MORE

Breast Implants Itching - What Can I Do?

I have breast implants (saline)9 years ago I'm having iching in both breast, the itching is inside my breast under the bottom. READ MORE

Spreading Rash from Steri Strips After Breast Implants

I had breast implants almost 5 weeks ago and at 3 weeks, I started to get itchy and red around the steri strips. I had them removed a week later, and... READ MORE

Itching a Sign of Saline Leakage?

My right breast has been deeply itching 4 days. Is this a sign of Saline leakage? Thank yoMy implants are at least 15 years old. READ MORE

3 Days After Breast Implants and Very Itchy?

I had surgery 3 days ago having breast implants and they are that itchy that it keeps me awake is that normal is it because the bandage i have on and... READ MORE

Can Ringworm in Your Bloodstream Infect Your Implants?

I recently had a huge outbreak of ringworm. It spread all over under my breast, arms, abdomen, and back. I have been to the physician and been put on... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture and Allergy from Breast Implants?

I had a breast augmentation with saline-filled Silicone implants 6 days ago. The night of my surgery, I started having a rash around my navel. I went... READ MORE

Rupture and Deflation in Left Breast Now Causing Itching and Numbness in Breast

I have 17 yr old saline implants, one has completely deflated after being jumped on by my dog a week and a half ago. Now for 2 days I have itching... READ MORE

I Have Had my Saline Breast Implants in for 8 Years and They Itch All the Time. WHY?

I am desperate for answers. Why do my breasts itch all the time? My saline implants have been in for 8 years. I'm having a hard time believing this in... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Implant by my Scar? (photo)

I posted a question a few days ago regarding several concerns I had with my breast augmentation. Yesterday, I was very itchy on the upper part of my... READ MORE

Could I Be Allergic to my Saline Water Breast Implants?

I had surgery 26 day ago but since yerterday its very itchy and the redness is noted in both!! its this an allergic reaction? READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implant Three Months Ago. Discomfort and Itchy Sensation?

I had a breast lift and implant three months ago , I have been feeling some discomfort and itchy sensation also a little rednes, it's like a little... READ MORE

Breast Getting Hard, What Could It Be?

My right breast has started getting hard, in the past few months.. Had them done in 1987 and no issues until now.. They also itch like crazy?? Any... READ MORE

3 days after breast implants and I have a rash. What could this be? (Photo)

I am day 3 post op and have a very sore right breast with a little red rash that looks like it has white heads close round the nipple. my right breast... READ MORE

1.5 years PO, seem to have gotten smaller and my breasts under the skin itches everyday. Should I be concerned?

Silicon gel implants done 1.5 years ago. They never used to be THIS itchy before. but I'm constantly itching my breasts because it feels like the... READ MORE

Itchy, Dry Areola 2 Years After Breast Augmentation?

For the past 5 months my nipples have been very dry and itchy to the point where when I remove my bra the skin has sticked to it and it causes some... READ MORE

I am 12 weeks post op & suddenly have this painful red itchy rash on both breast. What could this be? (Photo)

What in the world could this be. No previous redness or healing issues, now today I woke up to a new soreness in both breasts near the incisions &... READ MORE

Had BA with nipple revision in 12/3/13, I have 500 cc hp unders. Should I remove steri strips? (photo)

My question is, my Dr wanted me to remove the steri strips at day ten. I removed the left side and i feel it looks amazing. But my right side had more... READ MORE

Could this be capsular contracture?

I am 13 weeks post op, saline implants. Right breast is slightly tender, with a bit of possible bruising under, just above my incision line. I feel... READ MORE

It will be a year in March 2015 since I had my Breast Implant w/ Lift & reduction. Why is my skin around the nipple itchy?

My boobs have been very itchy around the nipples more so on my left side.... Is there a reason why? READ MORE

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