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When Will Health Insurance Pay for Implants?

I have small breasts (barely A) and many fibroadenomas in one of them that are growing and I keep finding more. I will need to have them removed at... READ MORE

Can Patients with Fibroadenoma Get Breast Implants?

If a fibroadenoma is proven to be benign is it okay to get breast implants? Or do I have to remove it before getting implants? READ MORE

Are There Risks in Having Breast Implants with a Fibroadenoma?

I found out that i have a fibroadenoma and have had two ultra sounds on my breast. the doctor didn't seem too worried until i mentioned that i... READ MORE

Fibroadenoma & Breast Implants - Removal During Implant Surgery or Before?

Have a benign small fibroadenoma that i'd like removed. I have a breast augmentation / tummy tuck consult scheduled in 2 weeks. Can surgeon remove... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Fibroadenomas

Hello! I've been diagnosed with 3 fibroadenomas. They are benign, biopsy was taken. So the question is: to remove them I'll need three... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Fibroadenomas and Athletic Build

I have had large fibroadenomas removed with surrounding tissue because they were considered suspicious by the surgeon even after the biopsy and a few... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Schedule a Breast Augmentation After the Removal of a Fibroedenoma?

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for a few years now. Then a few months ago I realized that I had a lump. Had a mamo and it is a benign tumor.... READ MORE

I have Breast Implants and I think I have a possible fibroadenoma. What should I do?

Hi! I had a BA 15 months ago under the muscle. About 5 years ago I had a fibroadenoma removed from my right breast. Today I felt something hard... READ MORE

Fibroadenomas and breast augmentation- how does this affect me getting implants?

I'm looking in to breast augmentation but recently found out I have 3 or 4 fibroadenomas in one breast. Would this effect me getting implants, would... READ MORE

Why is Previous Scar From Other Surgery Affecting New Breast Enhancement Outcome?

I have done breast enhancement with 250 cc silicone. 7 year back i had surgery because of fibroedenoma which left a scar. now today 4th postoperative... READ MORE

Open wound, infection, cellulitis and eschar formed after fibroidadenoma removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a benign fibroidadenoma removed 2 weeks. The next couple days seemed normal I had bruising and some swelling. On the 4th or 5the day the skin on... READ MORE

What Are my Options if I Want Implants but Have to Get Fibroadenoma Removed?

I have a Fibroadenoma that has to be surgically removed upon doctor's orders. I am really concerned about the cosmetic part of removing it. I have... READ MORE

Can I remove a fibroadenoma and get a breast implant at the same time?

I have a fibroadenoma and my doctor suggest I should remove it in 3 months. Can I get breast implant at the same time while removing the fibroadenoma?... READ MORE

I have capsular contracture in one of my breasts. I have over 20 fibroadenomas in that breast. Is that a factor?

I had had surgery to remove 3 fibroadenomas about 10yrs before I got my implants. My implants are silicone and are under the muscle. I have had a few... READ MORE

Fibroadenoma - can I get it removed at the same time I get my breast implants?

I had the fibroadenoma then I am gonna get the breast implant soon . If doctor can get fibroadenoma removed at the same time of the breast implant ? READ MORE

What are my options for breast augmentation with multiple fibroadenomas? (Photo)

I'm 27 + getting silicone under the muscle (my breast are small and slightly tuberous). I have breast-cancer in the family but am BRCA1/2 neg. I have... READ MORE

Can I get Breast Implants and leave the fibroadenoma?

Hi doctors.. I would like to ask if I could get the breast implants without getting the fibroadenoma remove? Just leave its in my breast. READ MORE

Can I have a fibroadenoma removed and breast augmentation at once?

I had two Fibroadenomas in my left breast. I've had biopsies, ultrasounds proving they are benign. I underwent surgery in January. The main lump was... READ MORE

Can breast augmetation be a good idea even after multiple fibroadenoma surgeries?

I have had 4 fibroadenomas removed within 3 years. All of them were benign, and I have another one. The radiologist tells me I have dense breast... READ MORE

I have saline breast implants and a fibroadadenoma was found. Can it be safely removed without effecting my implant?

Saline implants that are 10 years old. Fibroid is small and fairly close to the surface on top of breast just below the nipple. READ MORE

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