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When Will Health Insurance Pay for Implants?

I have small breasts (barely A) and many fibroadenomas in one of them that are growing and I keep finding more. I will need to have them removed at... READ MORE

Can Patients with Fibroadenoma Get Breast Implants?

If a fibroadenoma is proven to be benign is it okay to get breast implants? Or do I have to remove it before getting implants? READ MORE

Are There Risks in Having Breast Implants with a Fibroadenoma?

I found out that i have a fibroadenoma and have had two ultra sounds on my breast. the doctor didn't seem too worried until i mentioned that i... READ MORE

Fibroadenoma & Breast Implants - Removal During Implant Surgery or Before?

Have a benign small fibroadenoma that i'd like removed. I have a breast augmentation / tummy tuck consult scheduled in 2 weeks. Can surgeon remove... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Fibroadenomas

Hello! I've been diagnosed with 3 fibroadenomas. They are benign, biopsy was taken. So the question is: to remove them I'll need three... READ MORE

Breast Implants, Fibroadenomas and Athletic Build

I have had large fibroadenomas removed with surrounding tissue because they were considered suspicious by the surgeon even after the biopsy and a few... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Schedule a Breast Augmentation After the Removal of a Fibroedenoma?

I've been wanting a breast augmentation for a few years now. Then a few months ago I realized that I had a lump. Had a mamo and it is a benign tumor.... READ MORE

I have Breast Implants and I think I have a possible fibroadenoma. What should I do?

Hi! I had a BA 15 months ago under the muscle. About 5 years ago I had a fibroadenoma removed from my right breast. Today I felt something hard... READ MORE

Fibroadenomas and breast augmentation- how does this affect me getting implants?

I'm looking in to breast augmentation but recently found out I have 3 or 4 fibroadenomas in one breast. Would this effect me getting implants, would... READ MORE

Why is Previous Scar From Other Surgery Affecting New Breast Enhancement Outcome?

I have done breast enhancement with 250 cc silicone. 7 year back i had surgery because of fibroedenoma which left a scar. now today 4th postoperative... READ MORE

Open wound, infection, cellulitis and eschar formed after fibroidadenoma removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a benign fibroidadenoma removed 2 weeks. The next couple days seemed normal I had bruising and some swelling. On the 4th or 5the day the skin on... READ MORE

What Are my Options if I Want Implants but Have to Get Fibroadenoma Removed?

I have a Fibroadenoma that has to be surgically removed upon doctor's orders. I am really concerned about the cosmetic part of removing it. I have... READ MORE

Can I remove a fibroadenoma and get a breast implant at the same time?

I have a fibroadenoma and my doctor suggest I should remove it in 3 months. Can I get breast implant at the same time while removing the fibroadenoma?... READ MORE

I have capsular contracture in one of my breasts. I have over 20 fibroadenomas in that breast. Is that a factor?

I had had surgery to remove 3 fibroadenomas about 10yrs before I got my implants. My implants are silicone and are under the muscle. I have had a few... READ MORE

Fibroadenoma - can I get it removed at the same time I get my breast implants?

I had the fibroadenoma then I am gonna get the breast implant soon . If doctor can get fibroadenoma removed at the same time of the breast implant ? READ MORE

What are my options for breast augmentation with multiple fibroadenomas? (Photo)

I'm 27 + getting silicone under the muscle (my breast are small and slightly tuberous). I have breast-cancer in the family but am BRCA1/2 neg. I have... READ MORE

Can I get Breast Implants and leave the fibroadenoma?

Hi doctors.. I would like to ask if I could get the breast implants without getting the fibroadenoma remove? Just leave its in my breast. READ MORE

Can breast augmetation be a good idea even after multiple fibroadenoma surgeries?

I have had 4 fibroadenomas removed within 3 years. All of them were benign, and I have another one. The radiologist tells me I have dense breast... READ MORE

Can I have a fibroadenoma removed and breast augmentation at once?

I had two Fibroadenomas in my left breast. I've had biopsies, ultrasounds proving they are benign. I underwent surgery in January. The main lump was... READ MORE

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