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Can I Get Away with Large Breast Implants Instead of a Lift? (photo)

I want fuller larger breast's...I am currently a 32E-ee natural, and want to go to about a 32FF, I work as a model and do not want to have the... READ MORE

Do my Breast Implants Look Too Low on the Breast Bone and Also Too Wide for my Frame? (photo)

I had surgery 3 months ago to remove my ruptured PIPs and at the time of the consultation I asked my surgeon if I could go slightly smaller as I was... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Breasts Very Hard and Haven't Dropped, Is There Something Wrong? (photo)

I'm currently at the 2-month post-op stage and feel that my breasts have barely dropped. My PS and I decided to go from AA to C. At the moment I am a... READ MORE

E Cup Doesn't Seem Too Big - Why?

I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow to discuss this issue as I really feel I have been 'talked into' my final implant size. It's really hard... READ MORE

Do Implants Weigh More That Natural Breasts?

I am an E cup and have constant pain between my shoulder blades. I 5'2 and a small build. The moment I put on weight the pain increases. I do not want... READ MORE

I Have Big Breasts but Want to Lipo Them and Get Implants?

My breasts are a D/E size, I like the shape but know as I enter my 30s it will change. I want to know if I can have each breast liposuctioned then an... READ MORE

Droopy implants / low nipples 5 weeks post op, 520cc round textured behind the muscle. Why do they look saggy? (Photo)

I had 520cc textured round implants behind the muscle 5 weeks ago, I am now an E cup from a large C/empty D cup. Why do my implants look saggy and the... READ MORE

Disagree with my Surgeon What Should I Do? (photo)

I have always been a 30/32 DD/E. I have one child who i breast fed and have lost 5stone in 3 yrs. My breasts are empty and deflated. I would like... READ MORE

Booked for 600cc implants. Will that be alright? (photo)

Hi I am 5ft 2 and 12 stone I am booked in for 600cc in 5 weeks time I am a 36e in a bra at the moment but lost volume due to breast feeding I was told... READ MORE

I'm struggling with the sizing and am stuck between 450cc and 485cc and my surgeon has suggested Allergan Natrelle Inspira TSFs.

I am 5ft10" weight is 142lbs, rib cage under breast measurs 31.5". Current size is 36c but want to go to about 34/36 e/f. I want to wear dresses... READ MORE

Im 5'7,155 lbs with empty D cups. Are 330 unders too small for me? I like my surgeon but I ideally want to be a E cup. (photos)

Im 5'7,155 lbs large frame, I am an empty 36D .I have always had large breasts, I have had 3 consultations 450 overs,430 overs and 330 unders (all... READ MORE

Do I Really Need Breast Surgery?

Hello, I am a 24 year old female, 5"4", and 120lbs I have had three children and I am in search of answers on what procedure I really need to get the... READ MORE

Should I use teardrop or round implants to go from 32c to full 32e? How many cc? (photos)

Hello i am 5'7'' or 170cm tall and 21 yrs old. i want to look and feel natural. my right breast is naturally a bit smaller than the left. i want to do... READ MORE

Is possible get a 34E size for me? (Photo)

I look girls like mia khalifa for exaple, she was quite skinny, and its size bra is 34E and looks pretty smooth, "natural" her figure,i don't know, if... READ MORE

I wanted 800 cc but how come I'm only 34 DDD on bras ? It should be a size E cup right?

I wanted 800 cc but how come I'm only 34 DDD on bras ? it should be a size E cup right ? pls help me :(( i wanted to go for 800 cc but i look like... READ MORE

Can capsulectomy also remove natural breast tissue? (Photo)

When I first got implants I was an A cup but went up to a C cup with the implants. Over the 17yrs these were in I put on weight and went up to E cup.... READ MORE

Am I going to look heavyset with 600 - will it make exercise impossible or make me a Triple D or worse an E? (photos)

I'm 165lbs. I'm 46. I workout 6 x a wk. Im a 36B Cup right now but just 5lbs less im almost an A cup. My Dr suggested 650 CCs, ultra high profile,... READ MORE

What implant/size would you recommend! (photo)

I weigh 280lbs and am 5'4". I currently weAr a 44 c bra, I would like to go to a DD or possibly an E. What type of implant do you recommend? Over or... READ MORE

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