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Can I Get Away with Large Breast Implants Instead of a Lift? (photo)

I want fuller larger breast's...I am currently a 32E-ee natural, and want to go to about a 32FF, I work as a model and do not want to have the... READ MORE

Do my Breast Implants Look Too Low on the Breast Bone and Also Too Wide for my Frame? (photo)

I had surgery 3 months ago to remove my ruptured PIPs and at the time of the consultation I asked my surgeon if I could go slightly smaller as I was... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Breasts Very Hard and Haven't Dropped, Is There Something Wrong? (photo)

I'm currently at the 2-month post-op stage and feel that my breasts have barely dropped. My PS and I decided to go from AA to C. At the moment I am a... READ MORE

E Cup Doesn't Seem Too Big - Why?

I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow to discuss this issue as I really feel I have been 'talked into' my final implant size. It's really hard... READ MORE

Do Implants Weigh More That Natural Breasts?

I am an E cup and have constant pain between my shoulder blades. I 5'2 and a small build. The moment I put on weight the pain increases. I do not want... READ MORE

I Have Big Breasts but Want to Lipo Them and Get Implants?

My breasts are a D/E size, I like the shape but know as I enter my 30s it will change. I want to know if I can have each breast liposuctioned then an... READ MORE

Droopy implants / low nipples 5 weeks post op, 520cc round textured behind the muscle. Why do they look saggy? (Photo)

I had 520cc textured round implants behind the muscle 5 weeks ago, I am now an E cup from a large C/empty D cup. Why do my implants look saggy and the... READ MORE

Disagree with my Surgeon What Should I Do? (photo)

I have always been a 30/32 DD/E. I have one child who i breast fed and have lost 5stone in 3 yrs. My breasts are empty and deflated. I would like... READ MORE

Booked for 600cc implants. Will that be alright? (photo)

Hi I am 5ft 2 and 12 stone I am booked in for 600cc in 5 weeks time I am a 36e in a bra at the moment but lost volume due to breast feeding I was told... READ MORE

I'm struggling with the sizing and am stuck between 450cc and 485cc and my surgeon has suggested Allergan Natrelle Inspira TSFs.

I am 5ft10" weight is 142lbs, rib cage under breast measurs 31.5". Current size is 36c but want to go to about 34/36 e/f. I want to wear dresses... READ MORE

Im 5'7,155 lbs with empty D cups. Are 330 unders too small for me? I like my surgeon but I ideally want to be a E cup. (photos)

Im 5'7,155 lbs large frame, I am an empty 36D .I have always had large breasts, I have had 3 consultations 450 overs,430 overs and 330 unders (all... READ MORE

Do I Really Need Breast Surgery?

Hello, I am a 24 year old female, 5"4", and 120lbs I have had three children and I am in search of answers on what procedure I really need to get the... READ MORE

Should I use teardrop or round implants to go from 32c to full 32e? How many cc? (photos)

Hello i am 5'7'' or 170cm tall and 21 yrs old. i want to look and feel natural. my right breast is naturally a bit smaller than the left. i want to do... READ MORE

I wanted 800 cc but how come I'm only 34 DDD on bras ? It should be a size E cup right?

I wanted 800 cc but how come I'm only 34 DDD on bras ? it should be a size E cup right ? pls help me :(( i wanted to go for 800 cc but i look like... READ MORE

Is possible get a 34E size for me? (Photo)

I look girls like mia khalifa for exaple, she was quite skinny, and its size bra is 34E and looks pretty smooth, "natural" her figure,i don't know, if... READ MORE

Can capsulectomy also remove natural breast tissue? (Photo)

When I first got implants I was an A cup but went up to a C cup with the implants. Over the 17yrs these were in I put on weight and went up to E cup.... READ MORE

Is this normal? After a BA (Photos)

I had a breast augmentation a week ago I went for a 620cc high profile and as you can see my implants are showing below my breast, I'm not back for... READ MORE

What implant/size would you recommend! (photo)

I weigh 280lbs and am 5'4". I currently weAr a 44 c bra, I would like to go to a DD or possibly an E. What type of implant do you recommend? Over or... READ MORE

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