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Lateral Displacement and Flex Distortion of Implants? (photo)

Hello! I had a BA 8 months ago with 300 ccs silicone implants under the muscle. Do I have lateral displacement? At first I loved it, now I have NO... READ MORE

Laying on Stomach for Massage After Breast Implants?

Hi, I was wondering if it is detrimental to lay one one's stomach for massage after breast implants. Will it cause or worsen lateral displacement? I... READ MORE

Does Daily Exercise Affect Breast Implant Placement?

I have 600 cc implants under the muscle but I work out 6 days every week and my friend told me if i work out every day, my implants are going to be... READ MORE

Will Push-ups and Body Weight Exercises Cause Lateral Displacement?

I have had my breast implants for 1 year, and for the past 3 months I have been doing crossfit which includes pushups, and body weight chest exercises... READ MORE

Does this look like lateral displacement or the early signs of bottoming out? (Photo)

I will be 9 weeks post OP Friday. My implants have looked pretty even for the most part up until here recently. My Left breast dropped significantly... READ MORE

Possible displacement? (Photo)

I am 8 weeks post op, 400cc HP silicone. few weeks after I started to notice a crease under my right breast that was most noticeable on inner cleavage... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Chest, Rib Pain, Burning Sensation and Pinching from Lateral Displacement and Bottoming Out,15yr Implants?

I had a breast lift with saline implants 15 yrs ago. I noticed a pinching on left breast a few years back, but went away. Couple months ago, noticed... READ MORE

I am 6 months post op and not sure what is happening! (Photo)

I think I may have lateral displacement on my left breast as shown.my left breast is very soft compared to the rt side so I don't think it's cc. Also... READ MORE

If breast implant gets displaced due to overuse of pectoral muscle, will the displacement be visible/obvious?

I pulled some weeds two weeks after submuscular breast implants & breast lift, & am worried I may have displaced the implant after reading about what... READ MORE

Breast Implant Displacement! Help Please! (Photo)

Good evening Drs. I feel very stressed and sad ;I had breast silicone implant 4 years ago ;everything was so perfect until yesterday.I woke up with my... READ MORE

Double Bubble or Implant Displacement?

Surgeon says it's not double bubble. Could this be implant displacement as my surgeon says? Surgeon says its not double bubble due to not sagging... READ MORE

One week post op, do I need to start implant displacement exercises? (Photo)

I'm one week post op and my extremely high. I work with a lot of women with breast augmentation and I know this stage is normal. My surgeon told me... READ MORE

Pulling weeds out, felt implant move in my breast (like loose yolk in eggshell) Did I displace the implant from the pocket?

I am 2.5 weeks post op. I had silicone under muscle breast implants. All is perfect, extremely happy with results. Today I decided to work on my yard.... READ MORE

Can breast implants move out of place or turn after being pushed very hard? Natrelle gel under the muscle, 5 months ago.

I was playing with my dog and she had her feet up under me and pushed both of my breasts in from underneath pretty hard. Afterwards I felt a tingling... READ MORE

Is lateral displacement common with submuscular placement? What about flex distortion? Should I avoid chest workouts? (Photo)

I have been to one consult so far. The ps said I have little tissue and recommended silicone gel placed sub muscular. I forgot to ask if after 6 weeks... READ MORE

Sternum lifted off chest, lateral displacement? Revision necessary? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 7 months ago and I am slightly disappointed with the results. I was originally a 36B and received 500cc silicone HP... READ MORE

Concerns about bottoming out, asymmetry, lateral displacement (Photos)

4weeks PO, single nipple correction with 310 right 395 left teardrop high profile allergan implants. I don't think the size and shape of implants are... READ MORE

Bottoming out concerns. Is this more complicated than it looks? (Photo)

I emailed my PS about concerns i had with my breast from bottoming out, dent on my cleavage line, and my right breast falling towards my armpit when... READ MORE

Is it necessary to fix lateral displacement?

I think they look fine when I'm standing up with my arms down. When I put my arms on my hips and lay down the LD is very visable. Is it necessary to... READ MORE

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