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Normal for a Gel Breast Implants to Feel Hard in the Cold?

It's been three weeks since my memory gel breast implants. Is it normal for my breasts to still feel firm and tight when it's cold? It feels really... READ MORE

Will a Slightly Stuffy Nose Delay Breast Augmentation Surgery?

I'm scheduled to have my breast augmentation surgery in two days and I have developed a minor head cold. I do not have any chest congestion, but at... READ MORE

Do breast implants feel cold to the touch and cold inside of the woman who got them?

I heard from a guy that breasts with implants "feel cold" when he touches them. I also read that women who have them are feeling that their breast... READ MORE

I have recently just had my boobs done, but they only look ok when they are cold. Is there anything I can do to sort this out?

I have recently had my boobs done and the implants was placed under the muscle. When I am cold my boobs are hard and round and look ok but when they... READ MORE

Cold underboob post BA?

Dear Doctors, I got my BA done 8 months ago (300mll - silicone under muscle). I still experience now, especially after workout, that my underboob area... READ MORE

Caught a cold 1.5 weeks prior to breast augmentation.

Hello, I started showing cold symptoms 5 days ago (Monday). On my sickest day (Wed.) my tempt. was only 99 degrees w/ productive cough. The nurse... READ MORE

I get so cold easy. I don't have fever, pain or anything like that. Is that normal? (Photo)

I was 30 A pre op and got me 325 cc on the left and 350 cc on the right.Left one is healing well,the right one is taking its time.Is it because its... READ MORE

Will nipples still get hard if I get cold with nipple incision?

If I get my implants placed through the nipple will my nipples still be the same? For example if I get cold my nipples get cold and some what garden... READ MORE

I have capsular contracture in my left breast. Can I help the pain by applying hot or cold compress?

The implants are 15 yrs old. I know to get them redone, but can I help the pain by applying hot or cold compress? READ MORE

Will my breast even out and be symmetrical? I've had a cold since surgery and feel it's getting worse instead of better (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. I'm worried about symmetry. Also I've had sinus pain and a sore throat for 2 weeks (which isn't unusual for me) but it seems to... READ MORE

Left side saline breast implant is feeling cold inside. Is this normal?

I had saline breast augmentation two months ago & my left breast has given me so much discomfort, pocking feeling, pulling feeling and now cold... READ MORE

Breast Implant surgery next week and got a cold and sore throat. Help!

Help I have surgery a week today and I no im coming down with somthing. All 3 of my children have coughs and colds. And I can feel my chest is sore... READ MORE

Is it normal for implants to feel cold?

I had 355cc silicone implants over the muscle 13 days ago. I'm happy with the results so far but I can really notice the implants. They sometimes feel... READ MORE

Am I having early signs of capsular contracture or just nerves?

I had a breast augmentation 10 months ago. All good. Last week I went to a podiatrist to have a toe I had injured looked at. He ended up removing my... READ MORE

11 months post op, I have cold sensation in left breast! Any suggestions? (photos)

Got my breast done 11 months ago I just today started getting this cold sensation in my left breast, it's really cold it doesn't seam to be busted but... READ MORE

Almost permanent cold breasts. Just started 3 years after implants and pregnancy, what could be the cause?

I had a implants just under 3 years ago, unluckly I lost 70% of the feeling in the nipple, underside and outer sides of breast which never returned... READ MORE

Do I have infection around left nipple? Do breasts get stiff from cold weather?

I had a breast lift with aug (3 weeks post op) and I noticed a little bit of dried green scabbing on my left breast. I have no drainage or hot red... READ MORE

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