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Burning and Aching in Armpit 2 Weeks After Breast Augmentation?

I had 320cc implants placed through the crease under the muscle about 2 weeks ago. Immediately after the surgery, I had pretty bad numbness and... READ MORE

One Breast Lower and Aching After Breast Implants

I have a probelm with one of my breasts. I got saline implants in February 2008 and in the last few months, one of my breasts is lower and off to the... READ MORE

After 7 Years I Feel Like my Body is Rejecting the Implants, is This Possible?

Over the past 2 months I have had a niggling pain in the one spot of my right breast which would come and go. Then about 2 weeks ago my breasts felt... READ MORE

Breast Implants 5 Years Old - This Morning Painful and Hard?

I got my breast implants 5 years ago and everything has been fine. I woke up this morning and my left breast is aching (kind of like muscle pain) and... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Pain/aching of the Breast After BA?

Hi I had a breast augmentation two month ago. I had begin to notice that my left breast sometime ache but it only last for a couple of second. I was... READ MORE

Ive Had my Implants for 9 Years and Have Found my Boobs Ache More Than Normal Now, I Cant Lift Heavy Things Like I Used?

I find I have to wear very tight sports bra"s to get my boobs from aching after lifting anything heavy ,,if i go without a bra on this as well makes... READ MORE

If a Saline Implant Ruptured and Had Bacteria or Fungi in It, What Symptoms Might You Have?

My saline implant ruptured a couple weeks ago and still has some saline left in it. Since this has happened, I've felt strange - weak, muscle aches,... READ MORE

Achy Pain in Left Breast?

My silicone implants were placed under the muscle through the areolas 11 days ago. Recovery was great. PS said he was really impressed at 1 week check... READ MORE

Why am I feeling an achy pain in my armpit? I am one month post op. Silicone 400cc unders, incision under breast.

I am one month post op BA. Silicone 400cc unders, incision under breast. I am currently feeling an achy like pain that comes and goes in my left... READ MORE

5 months post op, I have developed aches in my right breast. Could I have a slow leak? Could I have scar tissue built up?

I have had my breast implants for 5 months, I know they can take a year to settle but this problem is on going. I have 380cc saline. I have developed... READ MORE

Should I seek urgent medical attention, or is it safe to wait for my surgeon's appointment booked in two months?

I've had aching arm pits, breast pain on the right side, a very large swollen lymph node on the right side, fatigue and general malaise for several... READ MORE

My RBreast Swollen--19 years after Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

Felt incredibly sick, sever flu-like symptoms (popping joints, aching shoulders, chest pressure, popping middle of back), feel some better, now on... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Breast?

I initially think I pulled a chest muscle at the gym but then noticed the injured side was firmer than the other. There was a dull ache, came and went... READ MORE

10 Years Postoperative Right Breast Feels Different, Achy with Rubbing Not Felt Before?

I have saline implants put in 10 years ago after breast feeding 3 children to improve my self image. Now in the past couple days I have started... READ MORE

Could this be capsular contracture?

I am 13 weeks post op, saline implants. Right breast is slightly tender, with a bit of possible bruising under, just above my incision line. I feel... READ MORE

How can you tell a silicone implant is leaking and what are the health consequences of a leaking implant?

I've had implants for approximately five years now. The shape is the same however my right breast feels slightly softer and more sensitive than the... READ MORE

Aching when sleeping is this capsular contraction?

I'm almost 11 weeks and at 4 weeks suffered a potential hematoma. Now my left breast aches when sleeping it is soft but slightly firmer that right and... READ MORE

My left implant aches and when someone hugs me or I lay down it feels like I have a large ball in there. What can I do?

It moves and feels horrible. My right one does not feel like that and does not move. Dr said i could have torn the upper part of the pocket. My dr.... READ MORE

7 weeks post-op 350 cc silicone (dual plane). One side is very uncomfortable...tight/achy all the way through to my back.

Very uncomfortable when I sleep on the one side...feels like it's in my arm pit so I roll the other way to take the pressure off. The muscle... READ MORE

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